College of Arts & Sciences

Instruction Sheet for Course Action Form

Used for Curriculum Additions, Deletions, or Changes

Additions, deletions, and changes to curriculum must be submitted to the Associate Dean's Office for review and approval by the CAS Curriculum Committee. After Committee approval, the Dean must review and approve all changes. The Dean then forwards these changes to the Provost for final approval. Because of the lengthy process and to accommodate the schedules of the Committee members, requests for changes must be submitted to the Associate Dean's Office by the first Tuesday in September prior to the next edition of the catalogue. For instance, if changes are to appear in the 2003-2004 catalogue then requests for changes must be in the Associate Dean's office by the first Tuesday in September 2002. Any requests received after this deadline will be in the 2004-2005 catalogue.

To *add a new course, to **delete a course, or to make changes to a current course:

  1. Complete a Course Action Form (click here to download form)
  2. Obtain appropriate signature(s)
  3. Submit 12 copies to the Associate Dean's office

*Adding a new course which will become part of the requirements for a major or a minor constitutes a change which must be submitted in memo form as stated above. (It is not enough to include on the Course Action Form that a course will be added to the requirements for the major/minor.)

**When deleting a course from the curriculum please identify any page(s), other than the course listings by department, where that course appears in the catalog. For instance if it is a requirement/elective for the major/minor for your department or any other department, or if it is a basic study course or etc., please list details and pages. [If it affects any other department please attach documentation (email will suffice) showing that that department was consulted.]

To change Major or Minor requirements, a memo can be created to:

  1. State the changes
  2. Give justification for changes followed by the entire text exactly as it should appear in the catalogue
  3. Submit 12 copies to the Associate Dean's office

As the university's catalogue increases in size and complexity it is extremely important for each department to assume responsibility for the listing/placement/appearance of its' own courses. Each time a course is changed, renumbered, or deleted please identify all locations where it appears in the catalogue and make the necessary change. Likewise, if a course is added please identify each location where it should appear in the new catalogue. That will be a tremendous help in streamlining the process of producing an accurate, up-to-date catalog.

Last updated 2/7/2012