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Stem Job assessment (10 min.) Create a profile, and access results immediately (list of job categories by traits like leadership), can continue to part 2 of assessment that allows you to give a thumbs up to any careers of interest - results saved in profile

Stem Assessment - quick and fun. Immediate results (list of careers), results aren't saved online

Best stem jobs - description, degree needed, salary.

Careers in space flight - View videos from people in different "space" careers

Genomic careers - has an interactive quiz, watch videos "What is my career"? 

Green Career Guide - careers in sustainability

2016 Engineering salaries

2016 STEM Grads to Earn Highest Salaries

NACE Executive Summary Stem Salaries March 2016 report

Explore Health Careers - online - interactive, look up health careers by salary range, degree needed, etc. Click on career for detailed information.

MAPP Career Assessment - general career assessment.  Free online career assessment. 15-20 minute assessment - need to sign in and give email address

Healthcare Career Assessment - Short online assessment -- don't need to make profile, immediate results

O*Net by Stem Discipline - Online links major/subject to careers; learn details about careers

O*Net "Green" Careers - Explore careers online focused on "green", most are STEM careers

Rapid Growth O*Net - List of fastest growing careers

New and Emerging Careers O*Net - List of "new" careers -  Many in Stem -