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For Families

For Families

We have a common goal... To see your student become career-ready. Ideally each student will visit our office to utilize the services and understand the value and benefits offered. Realistically that might or might not happen. National research indicates that only 5% of entering freshmen think they need career assistance. That does not mean you need to take a back seat in the process. You will find some helpful resources to the right that can help guide you as a parent in your child's career development process. Be sure to check out all our resources under For Students and Alumni. Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional information.


  • BigInterview - Online Practice Interviews For All Industries and Graduate School
  • Candid Career - Short Videos on Careers, Interviewing, Resumes, etc.
  • ePortfolio - Electronic Collection of Students' Work and Reflections
  • Four Year Plan - Your Planning Guide Based on Our Experience Working With Students





  • CareerFest - A One Day Career Exploration Event with 90+ organizations

  • CareerShift - Job Hunting and Career Management System

  • Intern Abroad - Gain International Experience and Earn College Internships Credit

Employer Referral Program:

The UNCW Career Center is interested in strengthening the recruitment pipeline of students to employers, assisting employers in building their brands on campus, and making UNCW the recruitment destination for Fortune 500 companies, high performing NC companies, and non-profit organizations. By referring your valued connections to the UNCW Career Center, you will personally impact the employment outcomes of our students and alumni. Additionally, if you are a hiring manager or business owner and you are interested in hiring our students yourself, we invite you to fill out the information below and the Career Center staff will contact you to discuss opportunities. Not a business owner or hiring manager but know someone who is and would benefit from our Seahawks? Then you too are included in the invitation to refer your contacts! We value the referrals and want to hear from employees of the university, students, alumni, parents, and friends of UNCW.
Go Seahawks! Employer Referral Program