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What is Theatre?

In the theatre we see men and women in action-what they do and why they do it-and we discover insight about our world by seeing through others' eyes. Theatre is a major form of human expression, taking place in the present, but connecting us to other times and places. Through characterization, design, and technology, theatre artists provide a window into the human condition. Theatre is both visual and aural, a shared experience between audience and performers. The study of theatre embraces a broad range of skills including acting, directing, design, and construction, as well as the subjects it refers to such as history, politics, and psychology. Theatre is a dynamic art form, constantly changing to include current issues and new media.

It is the imitation/representation of life, performed for other people; the performance of dramatic literature; drama; the milieu of actors and playwrights, the place that is the setting for dramatic performances.

Related Career Titles

Acting Coach Costumer Media Planner
Actor Critic Media Salesperson
Actress Customer Service Manager Mediator
Admissions Director Development/Fund Raiser Mime
Advertising/Marketing Director Model
Agent Drama Coach Movie Theater Manager
Amusement Park Entertainer Equipment Operator Narrator
Animal-Talent Coordinator Facilities Manager Negotiator/Mediator
Announcer Foreign Correspondent Paralegal
Art Director Health Educator Playwright
Booking Manager Human Resource Specialist Producer
Broadcast Journalist Impersonator Program Assistant
Business Manager Instructor, Theater Arts Prop Manager
Buyer Labor Relations Specialist Public Affairs Officer
Casting Director Lighting Designer Public Relations Specialist
Communication Technology Lighting Operator Puppeteer
Community Affairs Officer Lobbyist Radio/TV Announcer
Copy Writer Magician Recruiter
Costume Designer Make-up Artist Sales Representative
Exhibit/Display Designer Faux Painter Scene Painter
Sound Designer Rigger Teacher
Script Coach Student Affairs Specialist Theater Manager
Script Manager Stunt Coordinator Ticket Sales Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator Stunt-person Tour Guide
Stage Manager Talent Manager Tourism Director
Stand-In Talent Scout Training & Development Dir.
Video Store Manager Draftsman Set Designer

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Related Major Skills

Imagination & creativity Strong communication skills
Flexibility Basic reading, writing and editing skills
Attention to detail Interpersonal skills
Appreciation of aesthetics Interpretive skills
Good work ethic Adaptability
Presentation, public speaking skills

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