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What is Statistics?

The Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary® definition is: "A branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data."

The steps of statistical analysis involve collecting information, evaluating it, and drawing conclusions. The information might be:

  • A test group's favorite amount of sweetness in a blend of fruit juices
  • The number of men and women hired by a city government
  • The velocity of a burning gas on the sun's surface

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Related Career Titles

Accountant Actuarial Statistician Aircraft Designer
Animal Health Statistician Algorithm Designer Architect
Bank Officer Bio Statistician Bookkeeper
Business Analyst Clinical Programmer Computer Scientist
Cost Estimator Cryptographer/Cryptologist Data Analyst
Data Miner Database Administrator Demographer
Development Manager Econometrician Economist
Environmental Scientist Epidemiological Statistician Financial Analyst
Financial Engineer

Financial Planner

Financial Statistician
Forensic Statistician Foresting Statistician Game Designer
Geologist Government Statistician Health Services Statistician
Industrial Engineer Industrial Statistician Inventory Analyst
Investigator Investment Banker Lawyer
Market Survey Research Marketing Information Analyst Mathematician
Measurement Statistician Media Specialist Medical Statistician
Meteorologist Operations Research Analyst Personal Financial Advisor
Pharmaceutical Engineer Pharmaceutical Statistician Physicist
Pilot Professor Programmer Analyst
Project Manager Psychologist Quality Analyst
Reliability Engineer Research Scientist Researcher
Risk Analyst Science Writer Scientist
Social Scientist Software Engineer Statistical Consultant
Statistical Methodologist Statistical Programmer Survey Methodologist
Survey Statistician Systems Analyst Systems Engineer
Teacher Telecommunications Engineer Webmaster

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Related Major Skills

Problem Solving Ability to analyze and interpret data
Logical thinking Evaluating theoretical models
Systemizing skills Organizational skills
Critical thinking Teamwork skills
Advanced quantitative skills Numerical computation
Computer literacy Ability to design experiments
Verbal and written communication skills Advising skills

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