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What is Oceanography?

Oceanography is the study of the deep sea and shallow coastal oceans: biology, chemistry, geology and physics together make oceanography a richly interdisciplinary science. Although they contain most of the Earth's water and carbon and surface heat, and much of its biomass, the oceans do not operate alone. Together with the atmosphere, continents and ice-cover (the cryosphere), they form a working machine, driven mostly by energy from the sun. Lesser amounts of energy derive from tides raised by the moon and sun and planets, and heat from the Earth"s interior.

Career Titles:

Government research scientist College Professor
Geological oceanographer Geophysicist
Physical oceanographer Chemical oceanographers
Marine Geochemists Marine biologist
Fisheries scientist Ocean engineer
Marine archaeologist Marine policy expert
Aquatic chemist Ocean driller
Ocean miner and gas exploration Coastal geologist
Naval research Conservation specialist
Atmospheric scientist climate researcher Public policy writer
Marine mammal scientist Climate Action Planner 
Geospatial Technician  Marine Research Scientist 

Major Skills:

Computer skillsMath
Problem solving
Communication - verbal and written
Practical skills for experiments and operating scientific equipment
Knowledge of ocean and marine environment
Knowledge of fluid mechanics
Ability to cope with extreme conditions
Additional languages a plus

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