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What is Geoscience?

Geoscience is the science of exploration, discovery, and Earth stewardship. The geosciences address all issues relating to Earth Systems, including the solid Earth, oceans, and atmosphere. The major applications of the geosciences are: exploration and responsible development of natural resources (oil, gas, coal, minerals, construction aggregate, water, soil), preservation of the natural environment, restoration from environmental damage, mitigation of geohazards such as earthquakes and landslides, and exploratory research like the Mars space mission and understanding El Niño.

By addressing these issues and developing solutions to problems affecting the Earth, geoscientists act as stewards of the Earth. Though much has been learned about the Earth through earth science, much more is yet to be discovered, especially as new problems face society, such as global climate change, advances in technology, and exhaustion of energy and raw material supplies.

The B.A. in geosciences at UNCW focuses on the scientific study of Earth; forces acting upon and within it; and the makeup and behavior of the solids, liquids, and gases comprising the planet. This program is designed for students who desire a broad liberal arts education that prepares them for careers such as environmental consulting, energy and resource management, and geosciences education. Because geology continues to become more integrative, technical and global in its approach, the B.A. degree program encourages students to develop basic proficiencies in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology, and effective oral and written communication skills including computer literacy.

Related Career Titles

Economic Geologist

Environmental Geologist Geochemist
Geomorphologist Glaciologist Hydrologist
Mineral Geologist Mineralogist Petrologist
Paleontologist Petroleum Geologist Sedimentologist
Stratigrapher Volcanologist Geophysicist
Seismologist Climate Modeler Meteorologist
Astronomer Astrophysicist Planetary Geologist
Geo-sample Collector  Engineering Technologist  Biological Oceanographer

Careers in the Geosciences

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Related Major Skills

Variety of science skills / background Ability to communicate effectively in writing
Ability to tell a story / oral communication skills Develop and structure research projects
Scientific communication Knowledge of interconnectedness of different "spheres"
Able to identify basic rock-forming minerals Understanding of how and why to sample rocks and fossils
Recognize different types of natural hazards Basic field and laboratory safety techniques
Read and construct topographic maps Understand plate tectonic processes
Knowledge of geologic history of local region Sense of geologic time
Technology Computing tools
Data management Create visualizations

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