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What Is Geography?

According to the Association of American Geographers, Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers ask where things are located on the surface of the earth, why they are located where they are, how places differ from one another, and how people interact with the environment.

There are two main branches of geography: human geography and physical geography. Human geography is concerned with the spatial aspects of human existence - how people and their activity are distributed in space, how they use and perceive space, and how they create and sustain the places that make up the earth's surface. Physical geographers study patterns of climates, land forms, vegetation, soils, and water. They forecast the weather, manage land and water resources, and analyze and plan for forests, rangelands, and wetlands.

Related Career Titles

Aerial Photo Interpreter Facilities Planner Land Developer
Site Researcher Agricultural Extension Agent Forestry Technician
Land Economist Soil Conservationist Air/Water Quality Control Manager
Geographer Land-Use Analyst Surveyor
Cartographer Geographic Area Specialist Location Expert
Systems Analyst Cartography Compiler Geographic Attache'
Map Analyst Teacher Climatologist
Geographic Information Systems Map Curator/Librarian Traffic Manager
Coastal Zone Manager Geophysics Assistant Map Editor
Transportation Analyst Community Developer Hazardous Waste Planner
Market Research Analyst Transportation Manager Computer Mapper
Health Services Planner Natural Resources Spec. Travel Agent/Specialist
Computer Programmer Health Services Organization Manager Outdoor Guide
Urban/Regional Planner Demographer Hydrologist
Park Ranger Weather Forecaster Earth Scientist
Industrial Developer Peace Corp Volunteer Wildlife Manager
Ecologist Industrial Planner Property Manager
Writer/Author Editor Intelligence Agent
Public Utilities Specialist Zoning Investigator Env. Impact Analyst
International Business Rep Real Estate Agent/Broker/Appraiser Environmental Quality Specialist
International Investment Analyst Remote Sensing Analyst College/University Professor
GIS Analyst  Geospatial Office Technician 

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Related Major Skills

Project Development Interpersonal Research/Analysis Communication
Plan long-term
Interview skills Gather & organize
Summarize results
Develop project
Understand group dynamics Examine data Write clearly
Write grant
Observe human interactions Conduct field studies Present/defend
Evaluation Recognize
Apply non-intrusive
across cultures
Maintain records Surveying &
Computer modeling Understand
Identify value
Utilize statistical

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