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What is Exercise Science?

Exercise science majors study the science of the human movement. They also learn how to help people live healthier lives through exercise, rehabilitation, and nutrition. Interested in science, biology, and health? If you enjoy working out, playing sports, and taking care of your body, this could be the major for you. It involves studying everything about the human body, from bones and muscles to skin and tissue, researching questions on nutrition and exercise, learning how to condition the body, examining how diet can affect the body and understanding injury and illness prevention

Related Career Titles

Some positions are entry level, while others require advanced degrees and experience:

Athletic Trainer

Director of Community Relations Exercise Physiologist
Physical Therapist Director of Sports Facilities Exercise Test Technologist
Athletic Director Exercise Specialist Health Club Manager
Corporate Fitness Director General Manager, Pro Sports Team Weight Training Instructor
Exercise Program Director Strength and Conditioning Coach Personal Trainer
Health/Fitness Instructor Marketing Director Physician
Occupational Therapist Operations Director Sporting Goods Manufacturing Rep
Promotion Director Physical Education Director Sports Information Director
Rehabilitation Therapist Sports Psychologist Wellness Coordinator
Sports Event Coordinator Sports Nutritionist Ticket Manager
Physician's Assistant Director of Intramurals and Recreation

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Related Major Skills

Active Listening Time Management
Speaking Coordination
Reading Comprehension Judgment and Decision Making
Critical Thinking Monitoring
Social Perceptiveness Service Orientation

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