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What is Education?

Learning that takes place in schools or school-like environments (formal education) or in the world at large; the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. In developing cultures there is often little formal education; children learn from their environment and activities, and the adults around them act as teachers. In more complex societies, where there is more knowledge to be passed on, a more selective and efficient means of transmission - the school and teacher - becomes necessary. The content of formal education, its duration, and who receives it have varied widely from culture to culture and age to age, as has the philosophy of education. Some philosophers (e.g., John Locke) have seen individuals as blank slates onto which knowledge can be written. Others (e.g., Jean-Jacques Rousseau) have seen the innate human state as desirable in itself and therefore to be tampered with as little as possible, a view often taken in alternative education.

Related Career Titles

Admissions Counselor Employee Trainer Training Specialist
Adult Education Teacher Financial Aid Counselor Recruiter
Alumni Relations Coord. Grant Writer Resource Teacher
Assistant Principal Historic Site Administrator School Counselor
Athletic Coach Human Resources School Psychologist
Athletic Director Instructor, College/University Secondary School Teacher
Camp Director Kindergarten Teacher Social Services Volunteer
Child Life Specialist Librarian Speech Pathologist
Curriculum Specialist Life Coach Special Education Admin.
Day Care Administrator Media Center Specialist Student Admissions Admin.
Education Management Missionary Worker Student Affairs Admin.
Educ. Materials Sales Physical Education Instructor Student Personnel Admin.
Educational Resource Principal Teacher, Industrial Arts
Education-Training Admin. Preschool Administrator Tutor
Educational Therapist Registrar/Admissions Dir. Vocational Rehab Counselor
Elementary Teacher

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Related Major Skills

Ability to teach / train Explaining ideas clearly
Writing and presenting Decision making
Organization Planning
Dealing with parents or guardians Lesson planning
Summarizing ideas Ability to teach to different learning levels
Flexibility Team player
Creativity Computer skills

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