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What is Creative Writing?

"Like a child at play, the creative writer expends his emotion (libido energy) into a world of make-believe. In serious fantasy he fulfills his wishes without embarrassment, allowing his reader to do the same." Sigmund Freud

The creative process involves the student in decision making about content, genre, form, structure, language, theme, craft, and imagery. The end result is the creation of something new that has its own meaning. The point at which various decisions are made will be different for each student and, possibly, for each project. The process, then, is an organic process, and one that is unique to individual artists and students. It describes the complex interaction between the student and the work-in-progress.

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Related Career Titles

Author Instructor
Editor Legacy Writer (write bios and family histories)
Greeting Card Writer Ghostwriter
Reviewer (books, products, etc.) Travel Writer
Writing Coach/Consultant Article Writer (trade journals, newsletters, magazines, etc.)
Advertising/Marketing (creative) Columnist
Screenwriter (TV, Movies) Video Game Writer
Journalist Personal Poet (poems for weddings, funerals, childbirths, etc.)
Songwriter Playwright
Librarian Blogger
Researcher Technical Writer
Grant Writer Website Content Writer
Public Relations Freelance Writer
Proofreader Media Planner
Speech Writer

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Related Major Skills

Highly imaginative Self-disciplined Able to work with deadlines
Persistent Self-motivated Observant
Organized Open to criticism Strong communication
Individually expressive Proficient in editing Proficient in close reading
Proficient in Interpretive Reading Proficient in Critiquing Proficient in Research
Proficient in Grammar Proficient in Word Processing Proficient in fiction, non-fiction & poetry writing

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