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What is Chemistry?

Do you know someone whose life was saved by the injection of epinephrine after a bee sting, an airbag, or tempered glass, which doesn't shatter on impact? Then you need to thank a chemist. From

Definition: The scientific study of matter, its properties, and interactions with other matter and with energy. Science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of substances (elements and compounds), the reactions and transformations they undergo, and the energy released or absorbed during those processes. Often called the "central science," chemistry is concerned with atoms as building blocks (rather than with the subatomic domain;

Forensic Science Information

Related Career Titles

Agricultural Scientist Cytotechnologist Occupational Safety Spec.
Assayer Envionmental Health Spec. Perfumer
Biochemist Fire Protection Engineer Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Brewer Lab Assistant Food Scientist Technician Physician
Cepalometric Analyst Forensic Chemist Planner
Chemical Oceanographer Genetic Counselor Plastics Engineer
Chemistry Technologist High School Teacher Product Tester
Clarifying Plant Operator Hospital Administrator Quality Assurance Mgr
College Professor Hydrologist Risk Manager
Color Development Chem Industrial Hygienist Science Lab Technician
Crime Lab Analyst Molecular Biologist Soil Scientist
Crime Lab Analyst Molecular Biologist Soil Scientist
System Analyst Tissue Technologist Toxicologist
Underwater Technician Vector Control Assistant Veterinarian
Watewater Treatment Chem Water Purification Chemist Yeast Culture Developer
Anesthesiologist Coop Extension Agent Clinical Specialist
Computer Software Engineer Environmental Engineer Dentist
Entomologist General Surgery Resident EPA Inspector
FDA Inspector Lawyer Hydrogeologist
Industrial Buyer Museum Curator Medical Technologist
Metallurgist Optometrist Nurse
Occupational Health Spec. Product Development Patent Agent
Pharmacist Scientific Photographer Psychiatrist
Radiologist Water Scientist Senior Report Writer
Specification Writer

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Related Major Skills

Developing theories Science and math ability
Conduct research Perseverance
Attending to data Analytical skills
Curiosity Follow through skills
Utilizing formulas Perform experiments
Process data Observation and decision making
Work independently and in groups Technological skills
Oral and written communication Remain objective
Chemistry education majors should also develop skills involving planning and the ability to adapt teaching methods and modalities to the various learning styles of students.

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