Career Center


How to use LinkedIn for Virtual Networking & Job Searching

Benefits for Students and Alumni

  • Showcase your personal brand to thousands of companies and professionals
  • Build a professional online presence
  • Connect in a meaningful way with alumni and other contacts already in your network
  • Research companies and industries
  • Explore opportunities with organizations that don't recruit on campus
  • Learn professional networking etiquette

Steps to Building a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is where you can show of your work experience, education, volunteer work, organization involvement and much more!

1. Customize the Top Portion of your Profile:

  • Name -- Use your preferred name.
  • Picture -- Use a professional looking picture of only you - The Career Center offers multiple headshot .opportunities through the year.
  • Headline -- This is a brief description about yourself and experience. Make it different from your job title.
  • Background image -- This is an additional space to reiterate your brand.
  • Summary -- Your elevator pitch. You can include top five strengths, skills and interests. These should be highly searchable words. Such as “communicator,” “team player,” and “innovative.”

2. Showcase Your Work Experience

  • Keep it clear and concise -- it should be very similar to your resume.
  • Include anything that is relatable to the field you are trying to enter. For example, if you want to be an accountant, list any job or internship that you have held that involved customer service, money handling, spreadsheets, etc.

3. Show Off Your Education

  • Include your major, minor and university.
  • Highlight the extracurriculars and activities in this space.
  • Don't forget study abroad programs and summer institutes!

4. Share your Skills & Endorsements:

  • Give viewers a quick snapshot of your skills and strengths by listing your top five to ten skills. 
  • Connections that have worked with you will be able to "endorse" this skills -- so always be honest!

5. Collect Diverse Recommendations:

  • Recommendations can come from many sources: professors, internship coordinators, employers, and professional mentors.
  • Only ask for recommendations from sources that will be able to speak to your work ethic and accomplishments in a positive and professional manor.

6. List your Accomplishments:

  • List out any awards, scholarships or certificates you have earned worth noting. This can just be a simple list.

7. Claim your unique LinkedIn URL:

  • Set your LinkedIn profile to "public" and claim a unique URL for your profile.
  • To claim a unique URL go to Settings > Edit Public Profile > Customize Public URL.