Career Center


How to Prepare for the Fair

Tips on how to prepare for a virtual career fair! 

Preparing for a Virtual Fair:

  • Create your student or alumni account in Handshake.
  • UNCW hosts our virtual fairs in Handshake
  •  Complete your student profile.
    • Education, work experience/volunteering experience, skills, organizations/extracurriculars etc.
    • Upload a polished resume.  
    • Make your profile public to employers. Learn how to do so here
    • Alumni can request to create an alumni account by going here. Alumni will need to create a public account in Handshake in order to attend a virtual fair. 


  • Register for the virtual fair in Handshake. 
    • Research which employers will be attending the event. 
    • Sign up for group sessions and 1:1 sessions hosted by employers. 


  • Dress professionally, even for a virtual fair. 
    • Remember, recruiters will have the ability chat you or connect via an audio call or a video call. Be sure to choose an appropriate space to have these conversations in.


The Seahawk's Guide to Attending the Career & Internship Fair

Before the Fair:


  • Research Employers
    • Research the employers scheduled to attend the fair in Handshake!
    • Make a list of the employers you wish to meet. The list for each fair changes as employers sign up. 
    • Know enough about these employers to tell them why you are interested and be able to connect your background to their needs. Ffamiliarize yourself with their products and services.



  • Have a Polished Resume 
    • Visit the Career Center Express Hours to have your resume reviewed by a counselor. 
    • Schedule a one on one appointment with a Career Counselor online through Handshake, here


  • Prepare Your Elevator Pitch 
    • Practice your 30-60 second "elevator pitch" to introduce yourself and to briefly relate your background to what you know about the employer's needs.


  • Questions Prep 
    • Prepare questions you want employers to answer, such as:
      • What types of employment or internship opportunities does your organization represent?
      • Tell me more about your organization.
      • What characteristics do you look for in applicants?
      • How does your organization provide supervision and training?
      • What is your application process for new college graduates?
      • May I leave you a copy of my resume?
      • May I have one of your cards to follow-up with you?


During the Fair:

  • Treat the fair like an interview and make a great first impression!
  • Have multiple copies of your resume in hand.
  • Collect business cards from the recruiters you plan to follow-up with.
  • Be sure to smile! Demonstrate confidence, interest and enthusiasm.
  • Have good eye contact and a firm handshake.
  • Network alone. It’s fine to come to the fair with friends, but it is important to talk with employers individually to show confidence and make a strong impression.
  • Ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge of their organization or industry.
  • Avoid asking inappropriate initial questions involving salary, benefits, vacation, sick leave policy, etc.


  • Take advantage of the resources available at the Career Fairs, such as:
    • Professional Headshot Booths
    • On-the-spot Career Counseling sessions
    • One-on-one job searching assistance


After the Fair:

  • Network 
  • Connect with the recruiters you spoke with on LinkedIn.
    • Send the recruiter a personalized message with the connection request. Recruiters are meeting hundreds of students that day, so you want to stand out and be personable.
    • Learn more about networking


  • Offer Thanks 
  • Follow-up with a handwritten thank-you note or email to recruiters you connected with.
    • Following up in a timely manner shows your professionalism and makes a positive impression.