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How to Post a Graduate Assistant Position in Handshake

Follow the instructions below if you wish to recruit for a Graduate Assistant position for your department. 

Video Tutorial:

*Please make sure to turn on close captioning (CC) while watching this tutorial on YouTube in order to follow along with the subtitles.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Login at and enter in your username and password you created.
  • Select the blue button “Post Job” on your home screen:


  • On the Basics Tab, please be sure to add “Graduate Assistant” in the Job Title. This will help students find GA postings when searching by key word in Handshake. 
  • Select “Graduate School” for Job Type
  • Select “Part-Time” for Employment Type
  • Select Temporary / Seasonal for Duration, and then select the Start and End Date for the position
  • Select NO for the “Work Study Job” question at the bottom. At this time, we are not able to identify which students in the system are Work Study eligible, so you must select no to this question. 

 Here is an example of what your Basics Page should look like:


Click the Next > button to the Details Page:

  • Fill out the description with the job requirements, responsibilities, etc. 
  • Select a Job Function for this job. If none are applicable, select “Other”.
  • Add the pay rate per hour.
  • The Job Location can be Wilmington, NC or the UNCW address. 
  • Select all required documents for this position.

 Here is an example of what your Details Page should look like:


Click the Next > button to the Preferences Page:

  • Graduation date range (optional). If you leave this range blank more students will see your posting. 
  • Select which School Years you would like to hire; Masters. 
  • Fill in Minimum GPA (optional). Leaving this blank means more students will see your posting. 
  • Select the Majors you would like to hire (optional). Check off specific boxes or leave them all unchecked to be as open as possible. 
  • Select how you would like to receive updates about applicants.

 Click the Next > button to the Schools Page:

  • Select “University of North Carolina Wilmington” on the list of schools on the left.
  • Add any other schools you would like to advertise this position with. 
    • *You must be connected with a school in Handshake in order to post a position with them. 
  • Add the Apply Start Date and Expiration Date. The expiration date is the deadline for when students can apply, not when the position is over. This must be filled out in order to submit the job for approval.

Here is an example of what your Schools Page should look like:


Finally, preview your entire posting before clicking, 'Save." 

Now your job posting will need to be approved by the Career Center. Please allow at least 72 hours for your job to be approved. 

You can access Handshake by logging in at

Contact the Career Center at with any additional questions!

Or call us at 910-962-3174.