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AMA: Getting into Law School

Applying to Law School has it's challenges. Add COVID-19 to the process and things can get tricky. Join Teria M. Thornton , J.D., AFC

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AMA: Harnessing Handshake

Handshake is the central resource at UNCW for all things job and internship search related. Yes, it can be TMI. Learn all about how to harness this vast resource from Assistant Director, Leslie Wright. You can Ask her Anything via the chat in Zoom!

Remote Work Best Practices

Join AKLU's Talent Acquisition Manager, Marissa Gomes, & College Relation Specialist, Abby Champion, to learn more about how to best utilize your time working from home. From tips and tricks to best practices for staying focused, this session will cover important aspects of adjusting to working remotely.

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AMA: Resumes/Cover Letters 

"Ask Me Anything" about resumes and cover letters and transform your resume into a powerful tool that accurately reflects your education, qualifications, skills, and experiences and lands you that next opportunity. Join Career Development Counselor Jackie Pitone in debunking myths and answering commonly asked questions.

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Maximizing Internships

Join Claire Edmondson, Recruiter at Live Oak Bank, to learn how best to maximize your internship opportunities in a meaningful way. The discussion will cover making the most of your internship opportunities, as well as, using your experience to market yourself in your job search.

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AMA: Applying for Med School

How do you find the right medical school for you?This "Ask Me Anything" will help students preparing for the medical school search and application process. Join Career Development Counselor Ricky Patterson, and Trinity School of Medicine representative Leah Moore, to hear how to make sure you're making yourself the best applicant you can be.

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Leveraging LinkedIn

Join nCino Global Recruiter Janet Mordeci, and Recruiter & University Program SpecialistSavannah Stott, to learn how building your personal brand is important at any stage of yourcareer. Whether you are newly graduating or have been working for some time, building personal brand and on line presence is an important part of networking in the workforce today.

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Internship Alternatives: Remaining productive towards your career goals during COVID-19

The summer is typically the time where students enhance their skills and explore their career interests through internships. In this session, we will discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on internship programs and what you can be doing to remain productive towards your career goals. Join Assistant Director Stacey Huffman, and Career Develop ment Counselor Charles Ozuna.

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Virtual Interview Etiquette

Join Alicia Lindsay, Talent Acquisition Program Specialist at PPD to learn how to navigate the virtual interviewing process. If you are looking for information on what to wear, how to prepare, or even where to the best place is to conduct a virtual interview, this is the session for you.

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