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Career & Internship Fair Overview 

Join us VIRTUALLY in Handshake for

the Fall Career & Internship Fair! 

The fair will be split into a morning and afternoon session based on employer industries. The fair is open to students & alumni for the entirety of the event as they can attend one or both sessions. 

September 23, 2020

9:00AM - 4:00PM


Session 1: 9:00AM to 12:00PM

  • Education & Non-Profit  
  • Government, Law Enforcement & Public Administration 
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Research 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 

Session 2: 1:00PM to 4:00PM

  • Business Services, Management Development & Consumer Products 
  • Financial Services, Banking & Insurance 
  • Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism     
  • Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation & Logistics 
  • Marketing, Communication, Entertainment   


Be prepared to meet recruiters and hiring managers from local, regional and national employers, who are excited to add a Seahawk to their team! Full-time, part-time, and professional internship opportunities will be available.

UNCW’s Career & Internship Fair is open to all students and alumni seeking employment and/or internship opportunities. All majors and classes (freshmen through graduate) are encouraged to attend!

  • Set your Handshake profile to public so employers can view it.
  • Make sure to upload your resume into Handshake! 
  • Admission is free for UNCW students and alumni. 
  • Business professional attire is required.

Virtual Fairs Tips

UNCW is excited to partner with Handshake to host our virtual Career & Internship Fair this fall! Tips and resources on how best to prepare for a virtual fair are below.


*Students are required to complete their Handshake profiles and make them public before they are able to register for a virtual event. For instructions on how to do so, refer to the Preparing for a Virtual Fair link below. 

Video: Registering for Virtual Fairs & Building Your Schedule
Participating in a Virtual Fair: Student Experience
Preparing for a Virtual Fair
How to Prepare for Virtual 1-on-1 Sessions


Scheduling Overview for Virtual Fairs
Managing Schedules for Virtual Fairs
Virtual Fairs in Handshake: A Guide for Employers
Video: Handshake Virtual Career Fair Training for Employers 
Video: Virtual Fairs Demo for Employers


Need to Know & Best Practices:

  • General Info:
    • Employers are now able to edit any schedules that they have submitted for a virtual fair. 
    • Live in early September employers should be able to swap schedules for a different user if that team member can no longer attend the fair. If you are not yet sure who will be attending the fair, it is reccomended that you wait until early September to build your schedule in Handshake since the ability to swap users will not be available until then. 
    • All video/audio/chat communication will be done directly through the Handshake virtual fair platform. 
    • Up to 15 team members will be allowed to attend a virtual fair (this should go up to 30 in early September). All will need to have a user account in Handshake. 
    • Best practice is that employers are proactive about reaching out to students ahead of time to encourage them to sign up for sessions. They can message students through Handshake. 
    • Employers will be able to message the students they interacted with at the fair through Handshake. 
  • Group Sessions:
    • Up to three 30 min group sessions can be scheduled during the fair. Handshake is planning to expand this amount up to five group sessions by September.
    • Save time for questions and conversation. We advise that you do not present the entire 30 mins. 
    • Group sessions can hold up to 50 students. Students can sign up ahead of time or join the session the day off. After 10 mins after the session start time, students will no longer be able to join. 
    • Make the titles of the group sessions as clear as possible to attract students into signing up. 
    • Employers can start their group sessions up to 60 mins early in order to setup and prepare. Multiple group sessions cannot occur at the same time. 1:1 conversations can overlap because multiple recruiters can be chatting with different students concurrently. 
    • If there are less than 15 students in the group sessions, they will be able to unmute themselves and turn on their video. 
    • If there are more than 15 students in the group sessions, they will only be able to see the employer and their screen, they will not be able to share their videos or unmute themselves. 
  • 1:1 Sessions:
    • 10 minute 1:1 conversations can be scheduled throughout the fair. The less student preferences you set as a requirement for these the better. We want you to meet a wide variety of great students!  
    • Best practice is to assign a team member to 1:1s and then Handshake will send them their schedule which they can adjust to fit their availability. That team member must then confirm their schedule.
    • Once schedules are confirmed, students can begin to sign up. It is best to do this ahead of time to give students time to look through the sessions offered! 
    • Each student will only be able to sign up for one 1:1 per employer. 
Handshake's Help Center has a large number of helpful tutorials and articles! Search there for answers to an issue you are having. For questions, submit a ticket to request assistance from Handshake's helpful support team here.

Handshake Virtual Career Fair FAQ
Handshake Virtual Fair Launch Kit

Prepare For The Fair

Follow this checklist to help you prepare Before, During, and After the Fair!
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