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Below are snapshots of the benefits and cautions of each method.






Employers list jobs specifically for UNCW students and alumni. Posted jobs typically mean the employer needs it filled soon.

Additionally, many other job search resources can be accessed within SeaWork.

Not every industry or job field is represented.



Allows you to bring everything together to search for jobs in one place. Search listings from millions of companies posted across the web and save your searches; find contacts within target organizations along with their email addresses; and manage your job search all within this site.

Avoid solely relying on the job listings. Access contacts at target companies and reach out to them when a listing is not posted.


If you are looking to broaden your horizons overseas, this is a great place to start. Information includes international job postings and tips on relocating to a new country. Also has relocation and job search information for major U.S. cities, including H-1B Visa info for international students.

There are a lot of details to pay attention to (e.g. passports, cost of relocation and living, language/cultural barriers). Not all countries are included in the Country Guides.



LinkedIn not only allows you to search for jobs, but allows you to immediately find and get in touch with decision makers. Additionally, it offers the ability to research companies, find related news, learn about job openings and find out more about a company's corporate culture.

You'll get out of LinkedIn what you put in. It is important to spend your time creating a well-rounded profile and you'll also need to take some time researching companies in your area.

Current Jobs for Grads

Provides entry-level job vacancies in the fields of liberal arts and the arts & humanities. Each bulletin contains hundreds of current vacancies, all with direct links to the original posting for further information and application instructions.

As with any internet search the majority of jobs are never posted so it is necessary to combine any internet search with networking by reaching out to individuals and organizations.

Job Listings Online

What Can I Do With A Major In...

Job Search Links

Find a wide variety of major-specific job sites. You can view them at your own convenience and from the comfort of your own home.

Not every industry or type of job represented. Web-hunting is not about finding jobs instantly. You need patience to navigate a variety of sites and read listings.

Networking - Talking to Personal Contacts and Career Fairs

It's one of the top methods by which graduates find jobs. It's real and it works! In fact many jobs are never advertised and networking is how you find them.

If you are shy it could be somewhat uncomfortable. You need effective interpersonal skills and strong motivation.

Source: Virginia Tech Career Planning Guide, UNCW Career Center