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photoDon't just show up for the majors fair! Prepare before you go and get the most out of the opportunities they provide to connect with a number of academic departments all at once! There are three stages to the Academic Majors Fair - Before, During, and After!

Before the Majors Fair:

  • Consider your interests, skills, work values, and strengths/weaknesses
  • Remain open minded about the academic majors/departments participating in the fair and plan to talk to a variety of them
  • Do not do your research at the fair. Research the majors you want to speak with prior to the fair
  • Create a game plan:
    • Determine majors you want to learn more about in advance so you don't wander aimlessly at the fair
    • Consider questions you want to ask representatives of the majors
    • You may find that some majors have a long line. Maximize your time, visit other majors then return
    • Be prepared to concentrate and listen carefully in a large room with lots of talking going on!

During the Majors Fair:

  • Arrive earlier, rather than later
  • Check in at the front desk; pick up a nametag, and map of the fair
  • Orient yourself using the room layout. Watch for a few moments, and then begin by approaching an academic major
    • Communicate who you are
    • Explain why you decided to stop by their table
    • Ask questions about the major
    • Pick up important information about the major
    • Be aware of other students waiting to talk to the representative, gain appropriate information but don't monopolize his/her time
    • Jot down notes/details about the major - take a few minutes after you leave each table to jot down these notes
  • Attend one of the mini-workshops before or during the fair on Making Your Major Decision

After the Majors Fair:

  • Reflect upon your major options
    • Does one major seem like a better fit over the other
    • How do the majors you're considering fit into your interests, skills, and work values
    • Schedule appointments with your academic advisor and career counselor to your discuss options