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You only have a few minutes to sell yourself to a prospective employer - how do you do it? The 60-second commercial is a quick way to advertise your strengths, in a short span of time! This tactic is ideal for when you meet employers. Be sure to keep it career focused and avoid personal information (where you were born, your social security number, and date of birth, etc).

Key Points

  • It's the answer to the question, "So tell me about yourself"
  • It's designed to position yourself and sell your most marketable skills
  • Serves as a summary of your background, strengths and accomplishments
  • May need to be customized for the target audience or what the audience is interested in

Key Items for Inclusion

  • Number of years of experience
  • The kind of experience such as: management, marketing, sales etc.
  • Key skills and tasks such as it pertains to your goals: strategic planning, business generation and people development
  • Personality traits and characteristics that make you unique

60 Second Commercial Guide

The 60-second commercial is a guide to help you consider how to begin a conversation and points you want to mention as you introduce yourself to employers. You will not follow this style/format word for word, but it serves as an example as you prepare to communicate appropriately and confidently with employers.

My name is _________________________________________________, a freshman/sophomore/junior/senior, _______________________ major at UNC Wilmington. I am very interested in your company because (focus on the employer, not your needs/desires). May I give you a copy of my resume?

I am interested in talking with you because _____________________________ (keep it employer focused while touching on what you can provide/bring to them. Intertwine your interests as appropriate. Share how your background fits with an employer's needs). Share a story/experience that is relevant to your career/industry interests that would be appropriately memorable to an employer.

**Remember: this is a conversation and this serves as a guide with talking points**

Possible Talking Points:

  • From the research I completed about your organization I realized ___________________________. Your company appeals to me because ___________________________.
  • I have taken a variety of courses in __________________ that have prepared me for this next step. My experience with ________________ has further prepared me for this opportunity because ___________________________.

Possible Questions/Comments to Add to Your 60-Second Commercial:

  • What would it take to exceed your expectations for the opportunity? What are you looking for in incoming interns/hires?
  • What have been some challenges previous hires have faced in being successful in this position?
  • What factors are most important in your candidate selection process? Grades? Experience? Something else?
  • Can you tell me about appropriate follow up at this point?
  • Thank you for your time today. I will follow up with you as you suggested. I look forward to speaking with you soon.