Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct are umbrella terms that refer to any completed or attempted sexual contact without a person's consent.  Consent is clear and mutually voluntary permission to engage in sexual activity demonstrated by clear actions and/or words.    Consent can not be obtained in situations where the individual is forced, coerced,or manipulated.  Consent can also not be obtained in situations where the individual is incapacitated by alcohol, drugs or sleep, or has a mental or physical disability.  

If You Are Sexually Assaulted:

  • If possible, get to a safe place, with people you trust.
  • If you wish, call a friend or family member to be with you.
  • Call for help. People experienced in responding to sexual assault are available 24/7 at 962-CARE or 512-4821 from UNCW CARE.
  • Victim response is also available by calling the community Rape Crisis Center at 392-4760.
  • To report the assault call University Police at 911 or 962-2222.
  • If you want to retain the option of prosecuting in the future, even if you are unsure at the time, do not bathe, douche, brush your teeth or hair or change clothes. Instead, go to the emergency room to have an exam done for future use.
  • Any or all of the campus or community resources are available to you, including responding to you in the hospital or in your residence hall.
  • Even if you decide not to go to the emergency room, seek medical attention. You may have injuries of which you are unaware.
  • You can get checked for sexually transmitted disease and/or access emergency contraception at the Student Health Center.

The CARE office seeks to help victims and those who care about them by offering respectful support and clear information. Call 962-CARE. You can also email for a confidential consultation or call 910-512-4821 after hours.