The UNCW SOAR Approach to Bystander Intervention

At UNCW each member of our community is expected to be an engaged and supportive bystander to those in need. Personal safety is everyone's responsibility and because the Seahawk Nation is supportive of reducing and eliminating violence on our campus and community, we have developed a simple model to engage bystanders in realistic and safe ways to help keep our community safe. The SOAR Bystander Intervention model:

See a Problem

  • Be perceptive

  • Recognize red flags

Overcome Obstacles

  • Trust your gut

  • Be confident in your abilities

Assume Responsibility

  • Don't wait for someone else to do something


  • Decide what you can do safely & realistically

  • Remember the 3 D's:

    • Direct Intervention - Directly say something to the people involved

    • Delegate - Get someone else involved (your friends, the friends of the involved parties, people "in charge", etc.)

    • Distract - Be creative and change the course of events (make a scene, get one of them out of there, "Hey, Dude"/ "Hey, Girl", "You hungry? Taco time?", etc.)

Just be sure you do SOMETHING!