CARE Peer Educators

Peer Educator SuperherosAbout CARE Peer Educators:

The CARE Peer Educators are a group of UNCW students whose goal is to reduce the risk of interpersonal violence in the hopes of elimination. This goal is realized through interactive presentations, tabling events, discussions, films and panels, and awareness campaigns that reach out to University students. Check out some of our CARE Peer Program Pictures.

Topics covered:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Dating and Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Harassment 


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Meet Our 2019-2020 Peer Educators!

Anna Auman

Anna Auman

Hometown: Hamlet, NC

Major: Public Health


I became a CARE Peer Educator because I am passionate about health education and I believe it is so important for people to know about interpersonal violence and healthy relationships. 


Taylor Bullard - CARE Intern

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Major: Public Health

I wanted to become a CARE intern because of my passion for public health and the role it plays in interpersonal violence education and prevention. When I began my public health courses I interviewed CARE for one of my classes and, after learning more about their meaningful work in our community, I knew that I wanted to work more with CARE in the future. In this role, I hope to help create a more aware and compassionate environment on our campus.


Rebecca Capps

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: Psychology


I became a Peer Educator because I am passionate about advocating for victims as well as educating others on sexual assault. I hope to work as a psychologist specializing in sexual assault after I graduate."


Maya Crudup

Hometown: Bunn, NC

Major: Public Health Studies with a minor in Biology and Anthropology


I became a CARE Peer Educator because I want people to learn more about the resources CARE provides. A resource like CARE is very important for college campuses and the prevention side can be vital for the success of many students. Being an educator, I hope to help build support for everyone who may be experiencing interpersonal violence and teach others how to use their voices to stop it.

Gina Dissoway

Gina Dissosway

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC 

Major: Communication Studies, Minors: Journalism, Sociology 


I want to do something with my life that builds others up. Knowing ways, we can take care of ourselves and the people around us is sure to bring light and positive energy to our environment. 


Rachael Grosser

Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC

Major: Psychology

 I became a Peer Educator because the CARE office is an extremely important place on campus. I want to be a part of the team so that I can grow my knowledge about the issues that CARE focuses on and also so that I am able to spread awareness to my peers. I have recently determined that, in the future, I would love to work with students of all ages and encourage them throughout all of the trials school can put us through.

Hailey Guthrie

Hailey Guthrie

Hometown: Wilmington, NC 

Major: Nursing 


I joined CARE because I want to be a part of making positive change on campus. I also joined because I think learning experiences, I have in this office will make me a better nurse, and help me be a strong advocate for my patients. 


Diamond Haywood

Diamond Haywood

Hometown: Jackson, NC 

Major: Social Work 


I became a CARE peer educator because I want to be a part of a community dedicated to making our campus a safe environment for all. 

Sam Maldonado

Sam Maldonado

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina 

Major: Communication Studies with Minor in Political Science and Campaign Management 


I became a peer educator because, over the years, CARE has done so much for the people I care about. I enjoy helping others and I want to help educate and support my peers the way that they've done for me in the past. 

Nathalie McCall

Nathalie McCall

Hometown: Kinston, NC 

Major: Psychology (Major) | (Minor) Criminology, Forensic Science, and Women's and Gender Studies 


 I wanted to become a CARE Peer is because I wanted to learn more about Interpersonal Violence and how to properly share that insight to others. I also saw this as a good opportunity to end more stigmas towards minorities and definitely a way to incorporate mental health awareness to students.  

Nicole Ohannisean


Nicole Ohannesian

Hometown: New Bern, NC

Major: Business Finance

I became a Peer Educator because not only is it my passion to advocate for violence prevention and support victims, but I also want to inspire others to become active bystanders by noticing signs of violence, as well as successfully identifying red flags. Additionally, I want to increase awareness of belief systems we develop from American culture and our environment. This is important because deep rooted cultural beliefs may unintentionally influence violence or shame victims, especially females. Ultimately, I want to help create more awareness in our words, actions, surroundings, and beliefs in order to achieve the goal of a safe and supportive campus.



Kaya Peele

Hometown: Salisbury, NC

Major: Psychology 


I am a CARE Peer Educator because I want OTHER people's voices to be heard. I aim to foster a safe environment for anyone who needs a listening ear and the CARE department gives me the opportunity to do this.



Kristen Peterson

Hometown: Deep River, CT

Major: Public Health

I became a Peer Educator because there is an increasing rate of sexual assault and violence, particularly among college students. While there is more of a movement of people beginning to tell their stories, I believe it is also important that people know that CARE is a resource they have, and one that is confidential. I believe that everyone knows someone (or often times a few people) in their live who have been impacted in some way by violence, verbal abuse, or harassment otherwise, and it is important to stand up against this, instead of allowing the violence to continue. I also believe that it is a public health issue, and I would like to gain experience in educating the public on issues related to health.


Isa Pleasants

Hometown: Wilmington, NC 

Major: Communication Studies with a minor and in Non-Profit Management  


I joined CARE because I wanted to make a tangible positive impact on this campus. Spreading the messages of education, advocacy, awareness, and self-love has been such a fulfilling part of my life at UNCW. 



Desmyn Stevenson

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Major: Psychology and Spanish


I became a Peer Educator because I think that having healthy relationships and being well educated on what a healthy relationship entails is vital to success academically and emotionally in college.


Marissa Vaughn

Marissa Vaughn

Hometown: Henderson, NC

Major: Public Health Studies, Pre-clinical concentration


I am a peer educator because it provides me with the opportunity to work with other people who are just as passionate about bringing awareness to interpersonal violence, but I'm most excited for my role as being a reliable, supportive, and caring friend.

Kat Weber

Kat Divijata

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Major: Communication Studies


 I became a CARE peer educator because I wanted to be apart of a community that not only stands up for those who are knocked down, but also directly helps those individuals. CARE does exactly that.

Audrey West

Audrey West

Hometown: Taylorsville, NC

Major: Clinical Research


I became a CARE Peer Educator because it is my turn to give back and educate those around me. I utilized CARE's services my freshman year and I cannot express the difference it made for me. CARE has allowed me to find my voice through my struggles and be the helping hand to those around me. Interpersonal violence is an issue that is very close to my heart so it is important for me to do all that I can to prevent it and make others aware. Educating my peers allows people to recognize interpersonal violence and intervene in the correct ways.

Brooke Whitley

Brooke Whitley

Hometown: Watha, NC

Major: Psychology


I am a CARE Peer Educator because I’ve always believed that the best way to make a change in the world is by educating others and yourself, which is the main focus of CARE. I joined to help change the world, one pamphlet at a time.