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My Stand Spring 20202 Dates

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Be the Change Through UNCW's My Stand Mentor Training

UNCW is nationally recognized as a wonderful, vibrant community. Help us take CARE of it by participating in the eye-opening My Stand Mentor Training.

Learn skills that will help you:

  • Build healthy relationships
  • Prevent interpersonal violence
  • Intervene in crisis situations with UNCW’s own SOAR Model
  • Examine societal norms
  • Be an engaged resource for your friends and peers
  • ...and much more!


Training Requirements

To be certified as a My Stand Mentor you must complete the 3 hour training for the course. This can be done through attending our open sessions or upon request. We will gladly provide a specialized My Stand training to any student org, club, team or even a group of friends.

We also ask that following completion of the My Stand Mentor training, you will liaison with the CARE staff to bring one of the many available CARE presentations to your group, depending on which presentation feels most beneficial to your organization/group. Additionally, the My Stand program is designed to provide ongoing meetings and trainings, so we hope that you will attend our monthly meetings to receive additional training and to connect with other mentors.

Ongoing Connections

Following My Stand training you will receive training guide and a T-shirt to show the campus that you are a My Stand Mentor. We ask that you wear the T-shirts on Mondays to promote My Stand Mondays on our campus. This is in effort to build support for the idea that being an active and engaged Seahawk is a norm at UNCW.


S.O.A.R Bystander Intervention Model


See a Problem

  • Be perceptive
  • Recognize red flags

Overcome Obstacles

  • Trust your gut
  • Be confident in your abilities

Assume Responsibility

  • Don't wait for someone else to do something


  • Decide what you can do safely & realistically
  • Remember the 3 D's:
    • Direct Intervention - Directly say something to the people involved
    • Delegate - Get someone else involved (your friends, their friends, people "in charge", etc.)
    • Distract - Be creative and change the course of events (make a scene, get one of one of them out of there, "Hey, Dude"/"Hey, Girl", etc.)


What's Your Stand Posters

The "What's Your Stand" poster series is a project that highlights active bystanders from across campus. We selected six outstanding students who acted in moments of concern for their fellow Seahawks. This project is ongoing and we are actively seeking stories of Seahawks acting and supporting their peers in pro-social ways.

Danielle Lloyd

Every Stand Matters - Vicki