Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy

In accordance with new federal Title IX guidance and to maintain compliance with the Clery Act and North Carolina law, UNCW has revised its previous Sexual Misconduct Policy to create our new Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy. Allegations of gender-based/sexual misconduct by faculty or staff are addressed by the University's Harassment Prevention Policy and Harassment Resolution Procedures.

Faculty & Staff Resource Brochure:
Preventing Interpersonal Violence: Understanding Your Reporting Obligations & Employee Resources

Student Resource Brochure:
Understanding & Preventing Interpersonal Violence

What Does This Policy Address?

The Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy addresses:

  • Sexual Misconduct (attempted or completed)
    • Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse
    • Non-Consensual Sexual Contact
    • Sexual Exploitation
  • Dating Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Sexual Harassment
    • Hostile Environment
    • Quid Pro Quo Harassment
  • Other Civil Rights Offenses, When the Act is Based on Gender/Sex

For complete definitions, please consult Section V of the full policy.

Reporting Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct

All University employees who receive a report of alleged gender-based/sexual misconduct by a student, on or off-campus, must notify the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance. In addition, all University employees are required by North Carolina law to report abuse or neglect upon a child or any disabled person.

  • Faculty or staff receiving reports of gender-based/sexual misconduct must complete the on-line Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form.
  • The reporting form must be completed within 1 business day. If using a paper form, deliver to amber Resetar, Esq., Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance, via hand delivery (DePaolo Hall Room 1040), email attachment (, or fax (910-96207556)
  • Inform the student that they will receive direct contact from the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance or designee with information about rights and resources.

Three departments remain confidential resources to students: CARE: Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Response, the Counseling Center, and the Abrons Student Health Center. These departments are exempted from reporting gender-based/sexual misconduct unless the student is willing.

Resources for Students

Each student who reports gender-based/sexual misconduct must be informed of their Title IX rights. An effective way to do so is to provide the student with a copy of:

You may choose to seek further assistance by contacting the UNCW CARE (Collaboration for Assault Response & Education) office at 962-CARE or the CARE 24-hour crisis line at 910-512-4821. A CARE Victim Advocate is available to consult with you and the student by phone or in person and is available to help you individually with the reporting process.

The following offices and programs are resources for students in regards to sexual misconduct:

* UNCW CARE, the Abrons Student Health Center, and the Counseling Center are confidential resources, where students can discuss concerns about gender-based/sexual misconduct while maintaining the choice of whether or not to report to the university.

Title IX

Gender-based/sexual misconduct are forms of sexual harassment prohibited by Title IX, 20 USC §168(a). The University's Title IX Coordinator is designated to assure these policies and procedures are properly followed. The Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance is:

Ms. Amber Resetar, Esq.
Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance
CB 5942 DePaolo 1040
(910) 962-2937


Training for departments, programs, and groups on Title IX reporting obligations and the Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy is available. Contact UNCW CARE (910-962-CARE or c to schedule a training for your group.

Questions about the policy can be addressed to the Office of General Counsel. Resources for students are available through UNCW CARE.