CARE Annual Events

Fall Semester

AUGUST The First 6 Weeks, Rock the Rec, Involvement Carnival, Long-Distance Relationship Panel, 50 First Dates, My Stand Mentor Training; SEPTEMBER The First 6 Weeks, Healthy Splits, Kindness Week, My Stand Mentor Training.

OCTOBER Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Make a T-shirt Night & Clothesline Campaign, Take Back the Night, My Stand Mentor Training; NOVEMBER & DECEMBER My Stand Mentor Training, Stress Free Zone

Spring Semester

JANUARY Long-Distance Relationship Panel, 50 First Dates, Healthy Splits, My Stand Mentor Training; FEBRUARY Sexual Responsibility Week (with Health Promotion), CARE Grams Sale, Vagina Monologues, My Stand Mentor Training;

MARCH Safe Spring Break (with CROSSROADS), My Stand Mentor Training; APRIL & MAY Sexual Assault Awareness Month, My Stand Mentor Training, Clothesline Campaign, Speak Out, Peer Educator Recruitment, Stress Free Zone