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Welcome to CARE:
Violence Prevention & Response

We are the university resource for students, staff and faculty that have been impacted by interpersonal violence – whether that was sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking, harassment or exploitation. We have two full time, professional advocates available to help survivors and their friends/family with safety-planning and exploring legal, medical, and Title IX options. We know that these experiences can be really disruptive to a person’s education; we are here to help offer wrap around support in the aftermath. We also offer a wide range of prevention and awareness programs through our staff and group of student Peer Educators. Whatever your need – we are here to support you!

Location & Hours of Operation

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Location: The CARE Office is located on the second floor of DePaolo Hall, across from the Student Health Center. 
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How to Contact the CARE Team

Appointments can be made by walking into the office, calling 910-962-CARE, or calling our 24/7 hotline to be connected to an advocate immediately at 910-512-4821.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington CARE Office acknowledges that the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade could cause strong reactions and an increasing divide between individuals from different political parties and/or who hold differing viewpoints. 

We recognize that beliefs related to abortion and reproductive rights can be incredibly emotionally charged and highly contentious for people on both sides of this issue. UNCW staff and faculty care deeply about the well-being and reactions of all of our students and we are here for you. 

We remain dedicated to supporting our students and are here to assist those who may be struggling with any aspect of this decision.  We encourage open dialogue but expect that all communication remain civil, mutually respectful, and affirming to all parties’ dignity in accordance with both the First Amendment and the Seahawk Respect Compact. 

Additionally, we encourage all eligible individuals to exercise the right to vote and have your opinion counted in these upcoming elections.  Information on registering to vote can be found here:

CARE recognizes that this situation may be especially difficult for those that have been impacted by past abuse or assault.  This decision could feel like a revictimization and/or act of further disempowerment.  We are here to offer support. For those that would like support to process the meaning and implications of this decision, the following resources are available for support: