canvas migration timeline


  • Within Canvas, you can access 24/7 support for faculty and students by clicking the help icon. You can also request course merges from this area as well. The Help icon is located at the bottom of the Teal menu (Global Navigation) on the left hand side within Canvas.
  • Third party tools (also commonly called external tools, LTI tools, or apps) that are currently integrated in Blackboard will be integrated into Canvas. Throughout the migration process we will be creating a systematic approach to installing additional third party tools.
    We are currently formulating an approval process please be patient as this is finalized. Until this process is complete new tool integration will be very limited. These tools must be vetted to ensure they do not present a security risk to the faculty and students who use them

Canvas Migration

UNCW is moving to Canvas.

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) from Instructure that makes teaching and learning easier. It has many of the same capabilities as Blackboard with a more modern user interface (UI), mobile apps and much more.

Although UNCW is migrating from Blackboard to Canvas, Blackboard isn’t going away overnight. It will remain available to all students, faculty and staff until May 17, 2019.

Quick Info

  • Importing from Blackboard

    We encourage you to begin working in Canvas as soon as possible. Your Blackboard course can be exported and imported into Canvas. The Blackboard export feature allows you export the entire course or selected components.

    Note: Some tools will not transfer (e.g. blogs, journals, rubrics).

  • Online Accelerated Programs

    There will be many resources to assist those faculty teaching in the online accelerated programs. If you are teaching in a 7-week format as part of a fully online program, please do not move your course until you have met with the program coordinator or Sheri Conklin. Sheri Conklin will be working with each fully online program to develop a migration plan to minimize disruption to our fully online students.

Log in to Canvas

Use your UNCW username and password (without “”).