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Fitness Center

Harris Teeter Functional Training Area

The Harris Teeter Functional Training Area provides a space for you to utilize various pieces of fitness equipment to get a total body workout. Functional training is meant to develop the body to perform better through activities that occur in daily life. Featured equipment in the Harris Teeter Functional Training Area include:


FreeMotion is a line of cable based selectorized equipment. This allow the user to select a weight/resistance level and then perform your workout. This also requires to user to engage and stabilize muscles while performing the exercise on this strength line.

Queenax Rig

The Queenax rig is a functional training unit that encompasses a variety of accessories for a full body workout. Accessories include Superfunctional Bars, TRX Straps, Strong ++ resistance bands, Revll Pro Rope trainers, punching Bags, fixed parallel bars, lifting racks, landmine stations, and pull up bars. Also included are kettlebells, gripr sandbags, medicine balls, battle ropes, core bags, Bulgarian bags, and core momentum trainers. For information on how to use the accessories or set up equipment on the Queenax, please see a fitness team member.

Assault Fitness

The Assault AirRunner is a treadmill that is designed for HIIT workouts. Users control the speed by either running faster, or slower- creating an effective interval training workout. The Assault AirBikes are built to increase resistance as you push, pull, and pedal . The harder you work, the greater the resistance.

Free Weights

Dumbbells up to 30lbs are available in the Harris Teeter Functional Training Area. Adjustable benches and utility stools are also available for use.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center includes both cardio and strength equipment. There are 114 pieces of cardio equipment to utilize. In addition, patrons can create profiles to track workouts, watch tv, and even surf the web on most equipment! Patrons can even download the Preva App on their smartphone to take view workouts anytime and anywhere. The Fitness Center also houses almost 10,000 square feet of strength equipment. The strength line includes selectorized, plate loaded, and free weights.

Selectorized and Free Weight Area

  • Selectorized Strength Training (Hoist, Matrix G7, Cybex VR3)
  • Free Weight Room (Hoist, Hammer Strength, LifeFitness, StarTrac, Matrix)

Seahawk Fitness Training Den

The Seahawk Fitness Training Den is a functional fitness space that is open for use during operational hours. The Training Den is home to the following equipment:
  • Tires (90-220lbs)
  • Battle ropes
  • Dynamax balls -- the walls can be used as a rebounder in this space
  • Medicine balls
  • Two platform spaces for olympic lifting
  • Kettlebells up to 45lbs and dumbbells up to 50lbs
  • GripRs
  • Chin/ dip station
  • Plyo boxes
  • ViPR
    • There are 14 ViPRs available in this space. Ranging in sizes, the ViPRs (Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning) can provide a user with resistance to add to exercises such as squats, cleans, lunges, and sport specific training. For specific examples of exercises, visit or ask a Fitness Team member on duty.

Mind/Body Studio - Room 129

The Mind/Body Studio is a studio stocked with yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, Pilates rings dumbbells, yoga balls and more. Featuring two large bean bags, mirrors and bars this studio provides a space for patrons to relax, meditate, practice yoga, or even dance.

Cardio Bay

  • More than 51 pieces of Precor Cardio including treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMTs)
  • Preva allows you to track your workouts virtually by creating a personal profile

Cardio Deck

  • More than 56 pieces of cardio and core training stations
  • Woodway Treadmills
  • Cybex Arc Trainers
  • Octane LateralX
  • Matrix Climbmills
  • Precor Steppers
  • Concept2 Ergs
  • Additional Precor Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Bikes
  • Massage Chair
  • Expresso Bikes
    • The Expresso Bikes are interactive stationary upright bikes that allow users to maneuver through a variety of workouts, challenges, and games. These bikes feature active resistance and motion control handlebars where riders will be able to feel intensity changes, steer, and shift just like an outdoor bike. Users are able to create an account and keep track of their ride history and stats through the online portal. There is also the availability to compete with others, whether it’s an online ghost or another active user, through this online portal as new weekly and monthly challenges arise. Users can create an account while using the bike or by visiting the Expresso website linked here: 

      Additionally, patrons can keep up to date with the latest information on new courses, challenges, and competitions by joining our Listserv. More information about this can be found next to the 6 Expresso located on the second floor of the cardio deck.

Fitness Center Guidelines

Please view LSRC Guidelines here.