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Fitness Consultation

A Fitness Consultation includes a series of measurements that help you better understand your current health status and physical fitness levels compared to the set norms for your age and gender. There are an endless number of possible tests and measurements that your trainer may use to determine your baseline fitness level. The specific tests used will depend on your health and fitness goals, the trainer's area of expertise, and the type of exercise regime being planned. All Fitness Consultations will be conducted in the Fitness Suite in the Student Recreation Center.

  • Pricing and Packages

    Pricing and Packages

    table with consultation pricing
    Faculty / Staff
    Level 1 - Fitness Consultation
    Level 2 - BOD POD & Consultation
  • Package Descriptions

    Package Descriptions

    Level 1 - A Level 1 Fitness Consultation includes: assessing resting values, height & weight measurements, body circumference measurements, a 3-minute step test, a flexibility assessment, SMART goal setting, and an overhead squat assessment. This package is best for those completing assignments for PED classes. A Level 1 Consultation will take approximately 30 minutes. Level 1 Consultations are conducted by appointment only.

    Level 2 - A Level 2 Consultation includes: assessing resting values, height & weight measurements, body circumference measurements, a 3-minute step test, a flexibility assessment, SMART goal setting, an overhead squat assessment, and a BOD POD assessment.This package is best for those wishing to understand a baseline value of their current fitness level and detailed body composition results. A Level 2 Fitness Consultation will take approximately 60 minutes. Level 2 Consultations are conducted by appointment only.  

  • Preparation for BOD POD Assessments

    Preparation for BOD POD Assessments

    • Get an adequate amount of sleep (6 - 8 hrs) the night before your consultation.
    • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, including shorts, socks and athletic shoes.
    • A BOD POD consultation will be used to estimate your body composition in Level 2 consultations. In order to take this test accurately you must be wearing proper clothing: Compression shorts or spandex, wire-free sports bras, fitted bathing suits (no swim trunks) or compression shirts may be worn. A swim cap will be provided. 
    • Avoid exercise (including cardio and strength training) within 12 hours of the consultation. Exercise will elevate your blood pressure and resting heart rate - invalidating these measures.
    • Avoid alcohol, eating, drinking, or smoking at least 4 hours before the consultation.
    • Avoid caffeine or any diuretic, unless prescribed by doctor, 4 hours before the consultation.
    • Please inform a member of staff if you are suffering from any acute respiratory infection or related condition.
    • Allow for appropriate time for your consultation.
    • Please use the rest room prior to your appointment.
  • Registration and Policies

    Registration and Policies

    1. Any valid Student Recreation Center member is eligible to register for a Fitness Consultation.
    2. To sign up for a consultation, you must register here and submit payment. Once you register and payment has been successfully received, a trainer will contact you via e-mail or phone within 2 business days to schedule your consultation.
    3. There are no penalties if cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance for a fitness consultation. You may contact your trainer directly or call 910-962-7443 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. Every effort will be made to reschedule a training session according to the mutual availability of the client and trainer.
    4. Failure to show up to a scheduled appointment or tardiness of 15 minutes or more will result in forfeiture of that appointment. Consultations that start late will still end at the scheduled time.
    5. All fitness consultation fees must be paid in full prior to being contacted by a trainer. Trainers may not accept any direct or additional payment for their services.
    6. Some clients may require medical clearance (PDF) from a physician prior to starting an exercise program. You will be notified if medical clearance is needed.