Chancellor's Campus Climate Committee

About Us

In 2017, the Campus Climate Workgroup (CCWG) was convened to make recommendations to the university’s senior leadership to implement initiatives and/or policy changes to mitigate, improve and monitor progress toward maintaining a more inclusive and welcoming campus. To that end, we have initiated campus wide open forums, created and promoted learning venues for faculty, staff and students, tracked progress on recruitment and retention and made recommendations for improving availability of resources. Visit the Goals and Progress page to see what the committee recommends, and our recent accomplishments and actions. The Campus Climate Committee is one of several of the Chancellor's advisory committees.

We Are One Rock on Campus

As we work toward building an even greater UNCW, let's also work together to offer our students the best educational experience ever, to offer our faculty and staff a place of work where they can achieve their best, and to offer alumni and friends of the university an institution they can proudly call home.

— Chancellor Sartarelli