Budget Office

Budget Reporting Template

The Budget Reporting Template is required when meeting with the Budget Office to discuss the performance of a program. This template is used primarily for budgeted trust funds.

Reporting Template Procedure

  • Fund Name: enter the name of the fund
  • Fund Number: enter the six digit fund code
  • Fiscal Year: enter the current fiscal year
  • Month Ending : enter the month for which your Actuals in column H have occurred through. For example, during the Mid Year review, the Budget Office wants to see how the program has executed for the first 6 months of the year. Enter December 31, 20XX
  • FWRBSTAT: run report found in the SSRS report repository for the selected fiscal year and month ending. Use this report to fill in the required data for each column.
    • Account Code
    • Account Titles for Receipts and Expenditures
    • Current Budget
    • YTD Actuals plus Encumbrances
  • Projections: For the Projected Actual as of 06/30/XX column, enter the total revenue and expenditures by account code for the entire fiscal year. This is your best guess based on the information you have as to where you think your fund will be as of 06/30/XX.
  • Variances: enter a brief explanation for each variance

Reporting Template Tips

  • Balanced Budget: the Current Budget column should be balanced
  • Positive Numbers: enter Receipts and Expenditures as positive numbers unless they show as negatives on the FWRBSTAT report
  • 109970 Budget Balance Account: a negative amount reflects a planned addition to fund balance and a positive reflects a planned use of fund balance. Add the 109970 amount into the YTD column.