Budget Office

Budget Rolls

The budget roll process starts in May and continues until mid to late July. The roll is the culmination of many months of work by the departments and the Budget Office. Special funds budgets are prepared in the winter and spring of each year, reviewed and approved by the Director of Budgets, for the subsequent entry into Banner. Below is a summary of the various budget roll processes.

General Funds Operating Roll

  • Continuation or permanent budget.
  • Completed by June 1st.

Carry Forward

  • 2.5 % of university appropriation
  • The governor can, and often does, restrict carry forward of appropriations.
  • Pre-collected receipts (Summer School, IMBA, MS Chemistry, and Paris) are normally allowed to be carried into the new fiscal year. 

Special Funds (Budgeted Trusts)

  • Departments build budgets January through May.
  • Approved by Director of Budgets May through June. 

Unbudgeted Trusts

  • Ending cash balance is rolled to new fiscal year as 109970 budget entry.
  • Normally completed in mid to late July.

Position Roll

  • Completed in late June.