Budget Office

Budget Overrides

Most university purchasing is done through uShop. uShop interfaces with Banner Finance and checks the balance in the Banner fund before an order can be completed. As yearend approaches, many departments must enter orders for items needed in the next fiscal year while maintaining operations in the current fiscal year. Below are guidelines to request a budget override for current year and future year requisitions. For additional information see the Budget Override Process.

Current Year Requisitions

  • For budgeted funds tequire a budget realignment to the appropriate budget pool to cover the requisitions.

  • Special circumstances require detailed explanation and Budget Officer approval.

Future Requisitions

  • Override requests require email to the Budget Office. Include the following information in the email:

  • Requisition Number
    Funding Source (Banner Fund)
  • Unbudgeted funds must have a positive cash balance.

  • Once the budget has rolled for a fund, subsequent requisitions are no longer considered future requisitions. All additional requisitions are to be handled as current year requisitions.