Budget Office

Negative Budget Lines

As the year end approaches there are some budget actions that may be required in order to ensure that necessary funds and/or account line items are positive. A proactive and early analysis of budget needs will help to minimize the number of last minute entries required. We recommend that you review your Banner funds for appropriate action. Below are guidelines by fund type that will help determine any required action.

  • All fund must be positive in total.
  • General funds salary lines must be positive.

  • 911XXX - EHRA Salaries
    912XXX - SHRA Salaries
    913XXX - EHRA Faculty Salaries
    914XXX - Premium/Holiday Pay
    915XXX - Temporary Employee Wages
    916XXX - Employee Benefits
    917XXX - Board Member Compensation
  • General funds operating lines can be negative individually but must be positive in total.

  • 92XXXX - Purchased Services
    921XXX - Contracted Services
    93XXXX - Supplies & Materials
    94XXXX - Capital Outlay
    95XXXX - Miscellaneous Expenses