Budget Office

SRCI (Flex) Budget Revisions

UNC Wilmington has earned the designation from the State of North Carolina as a Special Responsibility Constituent Institution, GS 116-30.1. This designation enables the University to utilize all available funds in the most effective manner possible.

A SRCI (Flex) budget revision is required for a general fund when budget is transferred between purpose codes, between salary and operating account codes, and between different salary and benefit account codes

NEW: SRCI (Flex) Form

The new form went into effect on January 21, 2021. SRCI flexes already in process will be accepted through, Friday, February 5, 2021. Submissions received after the close of business will be returned for resubmission and approval using the new SRCI Flex form. In case you missed our presentation, you can view the entire presentation by clicking on the link below.

SRCI Flex Presentation (PDF)