Budget Office

Campus-Initiated Tuition Increases (CITI) and Student Fees

The Tuition and Fee Process must follow all guidelines set forth in The UNC Policy Manual. Section 1000.1.1 of The UNC Policy Manual provides specific information on both Campus-Initiated Tuition Increases (CITI) and Student Fees. Throughout this process every effort will be made to keep tuition and fees for students as low as possible while providing revenues needed to support the specific purposes for which they are charged. The Chancellor has established a Student Tuition and Fee Advisory Committee which will review the financial situation at UNC Wilmington and recommend to the cabinet an appropriate course of action concerning student tuition and fee increases. This committee will include representatives of all aspects of campus life, including, but not limited to, university administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The committee's plan is typically completed by the end of October to allow adequate time for the Board of Trustees and the University's senior officers to review and approve it. All increase requests must be submitted to UNC - General Administration usually no later than mid-December of each year. In accordance with The UNC Policy Manual, the Board of Governors will act by February of each year, or as soon as possible thereafter, to establish the University's campus-initiated tuition and fee rates for the next academic year.