Budget Office

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Annual Allocation

The Annual Allocation Budget Process is internal to UNC Wilmington. This process allocates funds, both permanent and one-time, for the upcoming fiscal year. Permanent funds come from Enrollment Growth and one-time funds come from lapsed benefits, carry forward from the previous year, and university-held reserves. See current enrollment growth planning timeline below.

Commitments by Division: Enrollment Growth Funding

FY22 Enrollment Growth Planning Process Schedule



Planning Activities –

(including, not limited to)

Revenue Forecasting & Institutional Priority Pre-Planning

October - Early December 2020

  • Developing preliminary revenue estimates
  • Identifying, verifying and refining mandatory cost items
  • Identifying and evaluating institutional-level priorities

January 2021

  • Final revenue projections provided
  • Mandatory cost items identified and accounted for
  • Budget office memo to divisions issued (with prescriptive template to align budget requests with strategic plan)

Institutional Priority Evaluation and Divisional Priority Development

February - Early March 2021

  • Inter-divisional call for /evaluation of proposals
    (facilitated by respective divisional business officers)
  • Executive Budget Committee (EBC) discussion and evaluation
    of institutional priorities (to receive priority funding)

Mid-March             - Early April 2021

  • Divisional priorities provided to budget office
  • Budget Director, AVC for Finance, CFO review
  • Budget request overviews prepared for EBC

Priority Evaluation & Recommendation Development


April 2021


  • EBC provided overview of divisional requests and applicable justifications
  • Aforementioned requests evaluated relative to stated needs and relevance to strategic plan
  • Various scenarios considered and discussed by EBC
  • Culminates in recommendation prepared for Chancellor

May 2021

  • Chancellor evaluation of recommendation
  • Chancellor approval (with changes if applicable)
  • Comprehensive memo (with applicable investments) sent to divisions, posted on budget website and communicated via OUR.