Budget Office

All-Funds Budget Overview

The All‐Funds Budget is an operating budget for the university which accounts for each of the university’s primary fund types (i.e. general funds, auxiliary trust funds, overhead receipts, and restricted trust funds). Revenue and expense plans are to be developed according to standardized budgeting conventions (available here) and assigned to standardized revenue and expense accounts. As part of this process, an all-funds budget will be developed at the institution-wide level, but also for each of the organizational units listed in the following chart. 

All-Funds Specified Units

College of Arts and Sciences

Human Resources

College of Education

Information Technology

College of Health and Human Services

Public Safety

School of Business


Academic Affairs


Student Affairs


Financial Aid




Sponsored Research

Student Health

University Administration

Other Auxiliaries

Business Affairs

Center for Marines Science



FY24 All-Funds Budget Planning Schedule

The following schedule and corresponding action-items will be used to establish the FY24 All-Funds Budget.

FY24 Budget Planning Process (campus timeline)
Phase Timeframe Planning Activities (including, not limited to)
Revenue & Expense Forecasting & Institutional Priority Pre-Planning October – Early December 2022
  • Develop preliminary revenue estimates for FY24
  • Identifying, verifying and refining mandatory cost items
  • Identifying and evaluating institutional-level priorities
January 2023
  • Final revenue projections provided
  • Mandatory cost items identified and accounted for
  • Budget office memo to divisions issued (with prescriptive template to align budget requests with strategic plan/priorities)
Institutional Priority Evaluation and Divisional Priority Development February 2023
  • Executive Budget Committee (EBC) discussion and evaluation
    of institutional priorities (to receive priority funding)
  • Divisional priorities provided to budget office
Early March 2023
  • Budget Director, AVC for Finance, CFO review
  • Budget request overviews prepared for EBC
Priority Evaluation & Recommendation Development

Mid – Late March 2023

  • EBC provided overview of divisional requests and applicable justifications
  • Aforementioned requests evaluated relative to stated needs and relevance to strategic plan
  • Culminates in recommendation prepared for Chancellor

April 2023

  • Chancellor evaluation of recommendation
  • Chancellor approval of plan (with changes if applicable)
  • Incorporation of recommendations into all-funds budget template

Prior Year Plans

FY23 was the first year UNCW used the aforementioned format to establish the All-Funds Budget. An overview of the FY23 All-Funds Budget is available here, and details associated with the All-Funds Budget are available here

Relationship to Enrollment Growth Funding

Enrollment growth funding provided to UNCW on an annual basis is to be incorporated into applicable All-Funds Budget Plans and was incorporated into the FY23 All-Funds Budget. Specific information about how new enrollment growth funding has been invested in recent years is available by fiscal year at: FY23 Allocations, FY22 Allocations, and FY21 Allocations.