Budget Office


About Us

The University Budget Office supports the Division of Business Affairs and the university's mission by providing budgetary support to the entire university community in terms of maintaining and monitoring their budgets so that the continuing development of students, faculty, and staff is ensured with funds from both public and private sources.

Contact Us

Mailbox #: 5917

Jessica Maitland
Interim Director of Financial Analytics & Budget
Phone: 910-962-3599
Email: maitlandj@uncw.edu

Justin Beardmore
Senior Budget Analyst
Phone: 910-962-2207
Email: beardmorej@uncw.edu

Hollie Ransom
Budget Analyst (General Fund)
Phone: 910-962-3327
Email: ransomh@uncw.edu

Heidi Mallory
Lead Budget Analyst (Trust/Auxiliary Fund)
Phone: 910-962-3914
Email: malloryh@uncw.edu

Christa King
Budget Analyst (Position Control/Personnel)
Phone: 910-962-7407
Email: kingc@uncw.edu

Charlie Ducker
Lead Budget Analyst (Position Control/Personnel)
Phone: 910-962-7540
Email: duckerc@uncw.edu