Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Working with new technology

Student IT Research (external links)

UNCW encourages students to engage in academic research. The research activities provide an opportunity for students to deeply explore topics and to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. We believe students can bring important insights to their academic discipline because of their unique perspective. Below are some recent examples of academic publications by our students.

  1. Sun, J., Vetter, R., Reinicke, R. (2012) Creating an Audio Conferencing Application on Android Smart Phones. 2012 Proceedings of the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research, v5 n2220 pp1-18, Nov 2012, New Orleans, LA.

  2. Wilson, Z. (2012) Prophet Explorer: A Digital Comparison of the Sayings of the Prophets. 2012 Annual Conference of the North Carolina Religious Studies Association (NCRSA), Nov 3, 2012, Wilmington, NC.