Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

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Key Dates, Fall 2018:

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Requirements of the IT-Major

Please see this flowchart of the 21 courses (=64 credit hours) required in the IT major; the flowchart provides a suggested order of courses to take over a period of four semesters. In general, it is recommended that students take the lower-level courses (100-, 200-level) before moving on to the upper-level courses (300-, 400-level).

The courses required in the IT-major fulfill UNCW's University Requirements as follows:

IT Major-Relevant Courses Offered in Spring  and Summer 2018

last updated: 5/8/2018

Summer 2018
Fall 2018 (anticipated)
CIT 110 - Fluency in Information Technology √ (online only) √ (online only)
CIT 204 - Digital Media √ (online only)
CIT 213 - Introduction to Databases: Techniques and Technologies √ (online only)
CIT 225 - Platform Technologies
MIS 310 - Web Page Development Languages
CIT/MIS 320 - Network Fundamentals
MIS 324 - Information Security Management
CIT/MIS 352 - Information Systems Hardware and Software
CIT 410 - Web Application Development
MIS 411 - Information Systems Analysis
CIT 425 - Human-Computer Interfaces
CIT/MIS 480 - IT Resource Planning and Management
CSC 131 - Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 385 - Professional and Ethical Issues in Computer Science √ (online only)
MIS 315 - Management of Database Systems
MIS 316 - Business Application Development
Elective courses (9 hours required)
MIS 313 - Introduction to Management Information Systems (online only) Course changes to MIS 213, please check with advisor or program coordinator regarding the possibility of taking this course as an elective.
MIS 322 - Information Assurance and Security
MIS 365 - Ethical Hacking
MIS 413 - Systems Design/Capstone Project
MIS 419 - Information Technology Project Management
CIT/MIS 491 - Directed Individual Study
CIT/MIS 498 - Internship in Information Systems
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