Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Fall 2017 graduates

Current BSIT Students

Key Dates, Spring 2018:

  • January 8: Classes begin
  • January 16: Last day for Registration/Last day to drop (without a grade) or add a class
  • February 23: Last day to withdraw with a W
  • March 2: deadlines to apply for Spring 2018 graduation and to submit a "walker request" to participate in Spring 2018 Commencement (see for more information)
  • March 3-11: Spring break, no classes
  • March 29/30: no classes
  • tbd: online major change closes
  • tbd: Summer and Fall 2018 course registration opens
  • tbd: Seahawk Salute, Cap and Gown Pick-up for Graduates (see for more information)
  • tbd: online major change reopens
  • April 25: Last day of classes
  • April 27-May 3: Final exams
  • May 4-5: Commencement, Reception Information

See also: Calendars and exams (Office of the Registrar)

Requirements of the IT-Major

Please see this flowchart of the 21 courses (=64 credit hours) required in the IT major; the flowchart provides a suggested order of courses to take over a period of four semesters. In general, it is recommended that students take the lower-level courses (100-, 200-level) before moving on to the upper-level courses (300-, 400-level).


  • All core and required courses that are taught by ISOM-faculty are now listed as MIS (e.g., CIT 480 has become MIS 480 etc.), course numbering and prerequisites have remained the same. 
  • MIS 320 (formerly CIT 320) is the new prerequisite to MIS 324. This changes the suggested order of courses slightly, which is included in the new flowchart.
  • MIS 480 (formerly CIT 480) has been approved as a writing-intensive course, starting Spring 2017.
The courses required in the IT-major fulfill UNCW's University Requirements as follows:

IT Major-Relevant Courses Offered in Spring  and Summer 2018

last updated: 12/4/2017

Spring 2018 (anticipated) Summer 2018 (anticipated)
CIT 110 - Fluency in Information Technology
CIT 204 - Digital Media
CIT 213 - Introduction to Databases: Techniques and Technologies
CIT 225 - Platform Technologies
MIS 310 - Web Page Development Languages
CIT/MIS 320 - Network Fundamentals
MIS 324 - Information Security Management
CIT/MIS 352 - Information Systems Hardware and Software
CIT 410 - Web Application Development
MIS 411 - Information Systems Analysis
CIT 425 - Human-Computer Interfaces
CIT/MIS 480 - IT Resource Planning and Management

CSC 131 - Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 385 - Professional and Ethical Issues in Computer Science
MIS 315 - Management of Database Systems
MIS 316 - Business Application Development
Elective courses (9 hours required)
MIS 313 - Introduction to Management Information Systems
MIS 327 - Data Center Management

MIS 363/MIS 495 - Seminar in IS/Advanced Telecommunications

MIS 366 - Digital Forensics

MIS 413 - Systems Design/Capstone Project
CIT 475-001 (CRN 27859) - Eye Tracking
CIT/MIS 491 - Directed Individual Study
CIT/MIS 498 - Internship in Information Systems
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