Board of Trustees

New Trustee Orientation Manual

Table of Contents

I. History and Background

II. Statutes Governing Trusteeship

  1. NC General Assembly:
  2. General Statutes: 
  3. Chapter 116 (Higher Education): 
  4. Chapter 143 (State Departments, Institutions, and Commissions; includes Open Meetings as Article 33C): 
  5. Chapter 132 (Public Records): 
  6. N.C. Ethics Commission (SEI & Training Schedule): 

III. Board of Governors & UNC System Office

  1. Board of Governors:
  2. UNC System Office:
  3. The UNC Policy Manual & CODE:
  4. UNC Duties, Responsibilities & Expectations of Board Members
  5. Board of Governors Strategic Plan 2017:

IV. UNCW Mission & Strategic Plan

  1. Mission statement (as approved by the Board of Governors):
  2. Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (Giving Flight to Imagination):

V. Board & Institutional Policies

  1. Procedural policies of the Board of Trustees:
  2. Board Terms & Eligibility (PDF)
  3. UNCW Policies & Procedures:
  4. Faculty Handbook
  5. Succinct Guide to Authority, Powers, Duties & Actions of the Board:
  6. Audit Charters
    Audit Committee Charter (PDF) 
    Internal Audit Charter (PDF)

VI. Officers and Board Committees

  1. Responsibilities of Officers:
  2. Officers/Committees Assignments
  3. Standing Committee Descriptions

VII. Trustee Member Contact Info.

VIII. Board Meeting Schedule

  1. Agenda (Example):
  2. Opening Statement from State Ethics Act:
  3. Closed Session Motion
  4. University Calendar:  
  5. BOT Calendar of Events (PDF)

IX. Board Minutes

  1. Recent Minutes, by Meeting Date:
  2. Endowment Board
  3. Digital Archive of Past Minutes:

X. Financial Statements

  1. University:
  2. Associated Entities:

XI. Institutional Stats & Rankings

XII. Organizational Structure

  1. University Org Chart and Quick Link to Offices 
  2. Cabinet Members