Board of Trustees


Meeting of April 25, 2019

Faculty Senate Report, Dr. Nathan Grove, Faculty Senate Vice President

Academic Affairs Updates, Dr. Rich Ogle, Senior Associate Provost
Search Updates, Community College Partnerships, Grants and Contracts, Fifth-year SACSCOC Accreditation Update


Career Center Update, Mr. Thom Rakes, Director of Career Center and Assistant to VCSA
Spring 2019 Career Events Calendar


Meeting of February 7, 2019

Faculty Senate Report, Dr. Stephen Meinhold, Faculty Senate President

Academic Affairs Updates, Dr. Marilyn  Sheerer, Provost
Search Updates, Notables Across Campus, UNC BOG Higher Expectations: Metrics and Targets, Grants and Contracts


Student Success, Pat Leonard-Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dr. Marilyn Sheerer-Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Meeting of October 18, 2018

  • Agenda
  • Minutes July 19, 2018
  • Provost's Report
    • Recruitment and Enrollment, Dr. Rich Ogle-Sr. Associate Provost
      Fall Snapshot, Pre- and Post-hurricane Updates
    • Fall Opening and Re-opening, Pat Leonard-Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
      Storm Prep/Evacuation, Recovery/Rebuilding, 'Re-move In,' Response, Student Relief Micro Grants, Re-engagement and Programming
    • Board Exemption Approval UG Programs Over 120 Credits, Dr. Paul Townend-Dean of Undergraduate Studies
    • NIST Agreement, Dr. Stuart Borrett-Interim Assoc. Provost for Research
    • New Academic Programs since July 2015, Dr. Marilyn Sheerer-Provost
    • New Faculty, Dr. Marilyn Sheerer-Provost
    • Faculty Senate Report, Dr. Nathan Grove-Faculty Senate Vice President

Meeting of July 19, 2018

Collegiate Mental Health: University Counseling Center Trends and ServicesPat Leonard -Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Dr. Mark Perez-Lopez, Director, Counseling Center & University Testing Services

Intentional Communities for Faculty Success: Strengthening the Foundations for Student Learning—Dr. Diana Ashe, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership

Meeting of April 19, 2018

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