Biology & Marine Biology

Fall 2020 Seminar Series

* All seminars will be held via Zoom. The meeting rooms are linked below. if you have trouble logging into the meeting please contact Dr. Tift at If you missed a seminar, available seminar recordings are linked below. 

Seminar series schedule
Date Day  Time Location Speaker Topic
08/21 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Fred Scharf
UNC Wilmington
Maturity, migration, mixing and mortality: How stock dynamics of southern flounder inform harvest strategies
08/28 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Jessie Jarvis
UNC Wilmington
"Seagrass Resilience- Lessons from a Transition Zone"
09/04 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Kara Yopak
UNC Wilmington
Are Sharks Smart? Diving into Brain Evolution in Cartinilaginous Fishes
09/11 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Rebecca Helm
UNC Asheville
"The Ecology and Evolution of Life Cycles in the Open Ocean"
09/18 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Hank Stevens
Miami University
"Mesoamerican Tree Species Composition Suggests Alternative Basins of Attraction"
09/25 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Anna Zarn
UNC Wilmington
"Biomagnification of mercury in the lower Cape Fear River food web"
10/02 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Dawn Kernagis
UNC-Chapel Hill
Current Research on Human Undersea Performance
10/09 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Anna Jolles
Oregon State
Molecule to Metapopulations: Understanding infectious disease processes in nature
10/16 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Anthony Signore
Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln
"Atypical Routes to Hypoxia - Adaptation on the Tibetan Plateau"
10/23 Fri. 1:00

Room 1 

Room 2 

Graduate Student Symposium
UNC Wilmington 
Presentation Schedule
10/30 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Erica Heinrich
UC Irvine
“Adaptive and maladaptive responses to chronic hypoxia revealed by high-altitude populations”
11/06 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. James Cooper
Washington State
Critical Transitions for Fishes: Metamorphosis and the Molecular Controls of Cranial Remodeling”
11/13 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Melissa Illardo
University of Utah
UC Berkley

"Thermal and Metabolic Adaptations in Two Distinct Human Diving Populations" 
11/20 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Marae Lindquist
UNC Wilmington
"Investigating winter space use, habitat use, density, and the impacts of sea level rise on saltmarsh and seaside sparrows in North Carolina"
11/27 Fri. 3:00 Thanksgiving No Seminar