Biology & Marine Biology

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

* All seminars will be held via Zoom. The meeting rooms are linked below. if you have trouble logging into the meeting please contact Dr. Tift at If you missed a seminar, available seminar recordings are linked below. The passcode for the Zoom meetings is UNCWBMB

Seminar series schedule
Date Day  Time Location Speaker Topic
01/14 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Heather Bracken-Grissom
Florida International University

Creatures of the Darkness: Investigating Life and Light in the Deep Sea
01/21 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Kevin Kocot
University of Alabama

Big Questions about small animals: Integrative Taxonomy, Systematics, and Genomics of Meiofauna
01/28 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Dr. Robin Scheffler
Biotechnology IRSS grant speaker
02/04 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Candidate Seminar
02/11 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Candidate Seminar
02/18 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Candidate Seminar
02/25 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Candidate Seminar
03/04 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Robert Fitak
University of Central Florida

“Animal magnetoreception: sensory mechanisms and the metazoan magneto-microbiome” 

03/11 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

No Seminar

Spring Break
03/18 Fri. 3:00 Zoom


03/25 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Malia E. K. Smith
Ph.D Candidate
UNC Wilmington

“Historic Ecology of Blue and Fin Whales in the Southern Ocean Using Baleen Plates"
04/01 Fri. 3:00 Zoom Jacob Kazenelson
Ph.D Candidate
UNC Wilmington
“Molecular Pathogen Detection: Using wastewater to monitor and predict SARS CoV-2 Infection”
04/08 Tue. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Candace Grimes
UNC Wilmington

04/15 Fri. 3:00 Zoom No Seminar Good Friday
04/22 Fri. 11:00 Zoom Graduate Student Symposium

Various Topics

04/29 Fri. 3:00 Zoom

Dr. Bradley Furman
Roer Speaker