Biology & Marine Biology

Fall 2017 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
08/18 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Susanna Lopez-Legentil
UNC Wilmington

and their microbial symbionts"
08/25 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Gerald Langer
The Marine Biological Association
in coccolithophores and foraminifera – morphogenesis and minor element
09/01 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr.Darin Penneys
UNC Wilmington

phylogenetics, discovery, and diversity"
09/08 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Joseph Covi
UNC Wilmington

“On a path to protect the living dead: susceptibility of dormant zooplankton in the Anthropocene”

09/15 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Greg Rouse
UC San Diego
"Osedax & other deep sea biodiversity discoveries"
9/22 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 No Seminar
09/29 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 Dr. Charles Bangley
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

“A Shark in the Pond: Ecology of Elasmobranchs in North Carolina’s Estuaries.”



3 pm

DO 103

No Seminar

Fall Break

10/13 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Stephanie Kamel
UNC Wilmington

“Family matters: kin structure and social interactions in the sea”
10/20 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Jessie Jarvis
UNC Wilmington

"Seagrasses in Transition"

10/27 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Stuart Borrett
UNC Wilmington

“Reading the webs of life: tools, theory, and applications of Ecological Network Analysis”

11/03 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Fall Graduate Student
Prospectus Symposium

Various Topics
11/10 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Brian Arbogast
UNC Wilmington

"From Genes to Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Conservation of Terrestrial Vertebrates in the Anthropocene"

11/17 Fri. 3 pm DO 103

Dr. Ami Wilbur
UNC Wilmington

Shellfish Genetics: Conservation, Restoration, and Mariculture

11/24 Fri. 3 pm DO 103 no seminar

Thanksgiving Break