Biology & Marine Biology

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The SAND Committee is charged with overseeing and supporting progress toward achieving the vision of improving equity, diversity, and inclusivity within the Department of Biology and Marine Biology by supporting the Department Chair. General Committee roles and responsibilities are to: 

  • Assist in developing an annual action plan and set annual priorities 
  • Assist the Department Chair in implementation 
  • Serve as a resource for the Department Chair and Department at large 
  • Monitor progress and process of the implementation 
  • Assist with faculty hiring searches
  • Facilitate regular training for Department members
  • Maintain a global view of diversity

The SAND Committee will fulfill these obligations by focusing on equity and diversity in: 1. leadership support, 2. assessment, 3. communication, and 4. community development. 

SAND ‘Seed’ Committee Members:

  • Heather Koopman, Professor and Chair
  • Alison Taylor, Professor
  • Alyson Fleming, Assistant Professor
  • Blake Ushijima, Assistant Professor
  • Carol Plautz, Lecturer
  • Peyton Thomas, PhD Student
  • Mariko Polk, PhD Student
  • Lisa Noah, BMB Administrative Associate

The ‘Seed’ Committee is helping to create a standing committee status for SAND in the BMB Department. The SAND Committee then will consist of up to 4 faculty, 4 students, and 2 staff from BMB.