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Forms (Current Students)

Below, please find the links to the Docusign versions of the forms you will need throughout your career as a graduate student.

  1. Fill out each of the required names and emails
    1. Initiating Student- your name & email address
    2. Committee Chair- Your Advisor's name & email address
    3. Committe members- the names & emails of all of your committee members
    4. Graduate Program Coordinator & Department Chair are already filled out for you
    5. Department Admin- is also already populated
  2. If you do not have enough committee members for every positon, you can leave the extra's blank
  3. Click “Begin Signing”
  4. The digital form is created. Make sure to read the “Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure” and click the checkbox to agree to using “electronic records and signatures.”
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Fill out the form like a paper DIS form by clicking each of the boxed spaces that you would normally fill out.
  7. To sign the form on the “Instructor” line, click the “Sign” button and choose a signature. After choosing a signature, click “Adopt and Sign”
  8. To complete the form, click “Finish”. it will then route for signatures.

    * You don't need a Docusign account to submit any of these forms. Just click on the link and fill out the information and it will route for signatures on its own. 

 Please ensure that you keep up to date with them. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Noah ( or Dr. Stephanie Kamel (

PHD Form table
Masters Student Forms Form Source
Graduate Student Timetable/Checklist PDF
Graduate Degree Plan Link
Authorship of Publications Link
Graduate Thesis Committee Link
First Thesis Committee Meeting Link
Thesis Prospectus Report Link
Second Thesis Committee Meeting Link
Third Thesis Committee Meeting Link 
Approval for Scheduling Thesis Defense Link
Submit your Thesis Defense Date
to the Grad Coordinator
Results of Thesis Defense Link
Grad School Format Approval Sheet PDF 
General Form Table
Ph.D. Student Forms Form Source
Ph.D. Timetable PDF
Ph.D. Committee Composition Link
Ph.D. Authorship Agreement Link
Ph.D. First Diss. Committee Meeting Link
Dissertation Proposal Report Link
Submit your Prospectus Defense date to
the Grad. Coordinator
Ph.D. Interim Diss. Committee Meeting Link
Results of Ph.D. Oral Comp. Exam Link

Submit your Diss. Defense Date to the
the Grad Coordinator

Results of Dissertation Defense Link
MS Student Forms
Masters and Ph.D. Student Forms Form Source
Student Information Survey Link
Directed Independent Study (DIS) Link
Travel Information Sheet PDF
Travel Grant Application Form Link

Grad School Registration Forms  

Grad School