Biology & Marine Biology

Fall 2015 Seminar Series

Date Day Time Location Speaker Topic
8/21 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Zac Long
UNC Wilmington

Coastal plant diversity and functioning from the sea to the sand to the sound

8/28 Fri. 3pm DO 103

Dr. Will White

UNC Wilmington

Using mathematical models to
detect ecological processes, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the calculus
9/04 Fri. 3pm DO 103 No seminar
9/11 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Stephanie Kamel
UNC Wilmington

Oysters and turtles and snails, oh my! Gene flow and social interactions in marine organisms

9/18 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Verena Wang (Scharf)
UNC Wilmington

Dissertation prospectus: Population structure and connectivity of southern flounder in the U.S. South Atlantic

9/25 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Samantha Muka
University of Pennsylvania
Basic Requirements and Best Practices: The history of jellyfish husbandry
10/02 Fri. 3pm DO 103

Dr. Chad Lane
Dr. Scott Nooner
UNC Wilmington

Sedimentary proxy records of environmental change (Dr. Lane);

Mid-ocean ridge eruption processes at Axial Seamount (Dr. Nooner)

10/09 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Judson Kenworthy
NOAA (retired)
Seagrasses, green turtles and marine conservation on a high latitude tropical Atlantic outpost, the Bermuda platform
10/16 Fri. 3pm DO 103 BIO 564: Oceans and Climate Challenge Communicating oceanic climate change
10/23 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Fall Graduate Student Prospectus Symposium Various topics
10/30 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Amanda Williard
UNC Wilmington
Sea turtle interactions with commercial and recreational fishing gear: physiological and behavioral consequences
11/06 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Ryan Rhodes
UNC Wilmington

Crossing the Membrane: Investigations of macromolecular secretion in bacterial motility and pathogenesis

11/11 Wed. 1pm FR 1014 Lauren Rowan (Arbogast)
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: Conservation genetics of the threatened cheat mountain salamander (Plethodon nettingi): a comparative, multi-locus approach
11/13 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Adrian Marchetti
UNC Chapel Hill

Insights into phytoplankton evolution and ecology through environmental genomics: individual genes to community transcriptomics

11/19 Thu. 3pm TL 1053 David Hines (Borrett)
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation Defense: Assessing the effects of seawater intrusion on an estuarine nitrogen cycle through network modeling
11/20 Fri. 3pm DO 103 Dr. Mark Butler
Old Dominion University
Lobster Tales: Homelessness, Pestilence, & Alien Encounters
11/23 Mon. 10am DO 103 Nina Neill (Baden)
UNC Wilmington
Thesis Defense: An In Vitro Evaluation of Marine Natural Products as Novel Delivery for Three Chemotherapeutic Prodrugs
11/24 Tue. 1pm TL 1053 Bethany DeCourten (Brander)
UNC Wilmington
Dissertation prospectus