Biology & Marine Biology

Faculty & Staff

Aswani K. Volety, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences & Professor

Volety Ph.D., Marine Science, School of Marine Science, College of William & Mary, Gloucester Point, VA,1995
M.S., Zoology with Specialization in Marine Biology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India, 1988
B.S., Zoology, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India, 1985
Bear Hall 146 | (910) 962-7232 | 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC, 28403-5912

My research focuses on how natural (e.g. salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, algal biotoxins) and anthropogenic (e.g. heavy metals, pesticides and polyaromatic hydrocarbons) stressors affect marine organisms. I use shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels, crabs etc.) as model organisms in examining the effects of these stressors on cellular, biochemical, physiological and ecological responses of organisms, model these responses and provide resource managers with guidance on environmental management of rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. My research expertise includes host-parasite interactions, pathophysiology and ecotoxicology of shellfish. Community outreach and engagement, and adaptive management in collaboration with resource managers are significant components of my research.

On-going projects:

  • Effects of watershed alteration and salinity on responses of oysters Crassostrea virginica
  • Investigation of Deepwater Horizon oil and dispersants on various life stages of oysters Crassostrea virginica
  • Interactions between native (oysters Crassostrea virginica) and non-native (green mussels Perna viridis) species in coastal environments
  • Impacts of redtide organism Karenia brevis) on long-term reproductive impacts of shellfish.
  • Impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on shellfish

Selected publications: * denotes student author

Vignier, Julien*, Anne Rolton*, Philippe Soudant, Fu-Lin E Chu, Rene Robert, Aswani K. Volety. 2018. Evaluation of toxicity of Deepwater Horizon slick oil on spat of the oyster Crassostrea virginica.    Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 25 :1176-1190.

Loh, A. N., L. Hermabessiere*, P. Goodman*, A. K. Volety, and P. Soudant. 2017. Impacts of altered hydrology on the sources of particulate organic carbon on the diet of Crassostrea virginica in the northern Everglades, Florida, USA. Journal of Shellfish Research. 36: 707-715.

Boulais, Myrina*, Kyle J. Chenevert**, Ashley T. Demey**, Elizabeth S. Darrow*, Madison R. Robison*, John P. Roberts* and Aswani Volety. 2017. Oyster reproduction is compromised by acidification experienced seasonally in coastal regions. Scientific REPORTS. 7: 13276. https://DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-13480-3

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Vignier, Julien*, Philippe Soudant, Fu-Lin E. Chu, Jeff Morris, Michael Carney, Claire Lay, Michelle Krasnec, Rene Robert and Aswani K. Volety2016. Lethal and sub-lethal effects of Deepwater Horizon slick oil and dispersant on oyster (Crassostrea virginica) larvae. Marine Environmental Research 120 (2016) 20-31.

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